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a medium length trail, pretty steep but the top is the best view of any mountain ive ever done!

Very busy but great hike

Definitely a more difficult hike but worth the breath-taking views of the fall foliage for miles and miles! Bring extra layer for top. Very windy and cold at top.

If you live in or around Boston - this is probably the best hike you can find within 2 hours of the city.

I did this with my 2 sons - age 6 and 8 - and it really is a perfect hike for young kids. Challenging, but not too long, plenty of interesting rock climbing and run scrambling, and an absolutely spectacular view from the top.

Monadnock isn't that tall, but relative to it's surroundings, which are flat - it really stands out. 1600 vertical feet in less than 2 miles really makes this seem like a much bigger mountain than it is.

So much fun, especially with and for kids.

19 days ago

Starting before 8:00 AM was an excellent decision; the trails were becoming crowded with hikers as we finished our last half-mile. We started on the White Dot Trail, then turned left onto the White Cross Trail, which eventually rejoined the White Dot Trail near the top. We then hiked down the Pumpelly Trail to Cascade Link, which we followed all the way back to the White Dot Trail and the bottom.

It was challenging in a good way, but completely doable. The terrain was varied and the trails were well marked. Wonderful views on the way up and on the way down.

Very crowded very beautiful day. White dot seems more like a line to a Disney ride than it does a hike but still quite challenging for this noob hiker. The second two thirds on Pumpelly and Cascade were much more peaceful, even tho I got lost off trail two times. Some beautiful rock pools atop the ridge and views for miles in all directions. It is like a stand-alone mountain and very impressive looking from below for only 3100 feet.

Excellent hike, with spectacular 360 views at the bare granite rock summit. Wear layers, poles are a help, pack energy bars and water, and get ready to scramble up...and up.....and up! The White Dot trail was crowded as it's the shortest, most direct route to the also busy summit on the perfect Fall day when we hiked, but that's to be expected on this accessible and beautiful, but challenging, hike. Give yourself time to enjoy exploring and relaxing at the summit before heading back down the White Cross trail, as it's less crowded. A perfect day hike for the fairly fit to highly athletic.

29 days ago

Wonderful views from the top. Lot of people on the trail but the views are worth the hike. Would definitely gonna do it again

Great hike, very rocky...not an easy hike and walking sticks are helpful.

Awesome trail. Getting up to the summit can be a challenge with lots of rocky steps but so worth it!

a little tough and cramped, but went on a rainy day so there was not a single person on the trail with us. Great views and was cool to hear the thunder rolling through the mountains around us

Great day hike with some challenging areas.

Love this one! White dot is the way to go- for a quick, steep summit challenge. Great to see so many young people on the trails but would be nice if headphones were used rather than their blaring blue tooth speakers! Opted for an easier route down -the white cross!

Nice hike with decent view specially for the area it is in!

Strenuous, but enjoyable. Lots of rocks, some with steep, but climbable faces. The views from the top are amazing!