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Late November on a Saturday. Very few other hikers. Strenuous in parts, but a great ridge hike once you've gotten some elevation underneath you.

Steep but fun!

19 days ago

I wasn't able to make it to the summit so I did this alternative. My pack was just too heavy with the camera equipment at 45 lbs for a fall day hike on high traffic trail. Near the top my boots did not provide enough grip on the crumbling granite.

I hiked this one today! It was so crowded. Cross trial is the easiest!

Great trail. Rewarding (and windy!) view at the top. Also got to experience my first snow fall of the season on the way up. The hike is challenging in a good way. Very rocky at the top. Be prepared to climb. A lot of people on the trail and there was a drone flying around on the way back down. I went up white dot and down white cross. Trip time was about 3.5 hours.

My first hike all year and my first hike ever since I was maybe 10.. it was definitely a great climb!! Worth every huff and puff! Would definitely hike this again!

1 month ago

We hiked the White Dot trail up to the summit and the White Cross trail down. It a good workout and a beautiful journey with the fall colors. There were a decent amount of people on the trail.

Took this route to stay away from the crowds as well. Parker was ok but once you hit cliff walk it gets pretty nice. But I also took Parker to lost farm to cliff walk.

I liked it I thought it was pretty foliage was nice but it was so unbelievably crowded and someone was flying a drone which was disrupting! Pretty mountain but not quite what I'm looking for when I want to be in the great outdoors! Also it was not particularly "hard" for someone who is athletic or into hiking.. it would be better rated at Medium

The beginning on the Toll Road is slow, but once you hit the actual trail it's a no nonsense rock scrambler that goes straight to the top. It's my favorite trail thus far.

This was certainly a great hike and the summit offered incredible views despite some rain and a lot of wind (I actually love the whipping summit winds)! But if you want to hike and not be around people, this is not the hike for you. We often found ourselves seeking routes off trail to get away from the crowds and set a better pace that worked for us. We descended the Red Spot trail which was a little longer and harder but only saw a handful of people which was a nice change from the White Dot trail. We saw so many people hiking without proper footwear (chuck-taylors, fashion boots) and those folks were struggling in certain spots, especially on the steep rocky climbs below tree line. If you're considering this trail, wear hiking shoes/boots.

Great hike for being so close! 3.8 miles with 1650 elevation gain in under 3 hours. Gets pretty steep near the top with some fun scrambling. Today was a little windy but a great day for hiking in October.

a medium length trail, pretty steep but the top is the best view of any mountain ive ever done!

Very busy but great hike

Definitely a more difficult hike but worth the breath-taking views of the fall foliage for miles and miles! Bring extra layer for top. Very windy and cold at top.

If you live in or around Boston - this is probably the best hike you can find within 2 hours of the city.

I did this with my 2 sons - age 6 and 8 - and it really is a perfect hike for young kids. Challenging, but not too long, plenty of interesting rock climbing and run scrambling, and an absolutely spectacular view from the top.

Monadnock isn't that tall, but relative to it's surroundings, which are flat - it really stands out. 1600 vertical feet in less than 2 miles really makes this seem like a much bigger mountain than it is.

So much fun, especially with and for kids.

2 months ago