trail running
25 days ago

Nice run, good for runners of all levels. Great for walking dogs. Quiet.

1 month ago

Great area for a quick getaway in nature!

Walk on this trail very frequently. The views are pretty and it's mostly flat. Some areas with incline too. People are friendly.

2 months ago

People were extremely friendly. The trail was great, even for my 4 year old son. It was amazing. We will definitely be back! :)

- herbicide in the water to suppress growth of aquatic vegetation (humans against nature taking care of itself movement)
- awful rotting smell in many spots along the water
- multiple dog poop sightings & evidence of human excrement
- litter and more litter
- bit crowded: bikers, joggers, dog walkers galore
- high school athletes everywhere, rowdy and loud, of course, but that was fine
- would probably not come back even though there are some pretty aspects and views to this place

Great path for Early morning/mid afternoon walk/jog/run. Very quiet if you forget headphones, so you can enjoy the natural sounds of the outdoors. Couple of bikers on path. not much of an incline and mostly flat. We enjoyed it.

A great trail for anyone. The main trail is wide and flat by the water and reminds me of the C&O Canal tow path. There are plenty of side trails through the woods that look like they would be great on a mountain bike. Very popular on a nice day, lots of people and dogs.

mountain biking
6 months ago

I had a fantastic time with my daughter who was on leave from the United States Air Force!
The trails are wonderful regardless of what type of biker you are. there are some paved trails as well as some awesome dirt trails along the river to get your adrenaline fix:) All we encountered were friendly and happy, This park is truly a diamond in the rough of Nashua.

nature trips
6 months ago

Nice easy walk with lake views and lots of wildlife. Multiple trails with circuitous routes. Can easily add more miles without walking the same route or backtracking.

great way hike on a hot day. most of the hike is in a forest or under trees along river. not too many people, few bicycles

Quiet and clean.

Very nice and plenty of trails to choose from. A bit industrialized for my taste but still a great trail!

Question is the path paved or is it dirt

Pretty walk with lots of options that allow you to choose different paths if you return. I go almost every week. There are lots of people usually on the trails, some on bikes and some with dogs. Make sure you have a map or to plot out your trip with the posted maps because it is easy to get turned around and spit out on a random Nashua street.