Miller State Park is located on the 2,290-foot summit and flank of Pack Monadnock in Peterborough and is the oldest state park in New Hampshire. A winding 1.3-mile paved road leading to the scenic summit is open for visitors to drive in summer and on spring and fall weekends. Three main hiking trails ascend Pack Monadnock to the summit. The best known is the Wapack Trail, which is a 21-mile footpath that extends from Mt. Watatic in Ashburnham, Massachusetts to North Pack Monadnock in Greenfield. It is believed Native Americans named the area's mountains, and that "pack" means little. On clear days views reach to Mount Washington, the skyscrapers of Boston, and the Vermont hills.

Wasn't prepared for the rockiness but it was a great hike. Fabulous views and the fall colors were beautiful! And my Setters loved!

6 days ago

Nice leisurely trail. Not too crowded. Scenic view at top.

great views throughout the hike!

19 days ago

Great hike but it's not easy, it took us (1 adult and 1 child) about an hour to get to the top. He wanted frequent breaks but the views are worth it.

Nice easy kid friendly, dog friendly trail. Great for a short morning hike before lunch.

1 month ago

This is a great hike for a reasonable investment of time. It's listed as hard which is appropriate at certain stretches but at other times it's moderate. The view is quite good at the top and you have the option of the auto road if you want another option straight up or down. Not as visually breathtaking as its close neighbor Mount Monadnock but well worth the time. For the best circuit I recommend going up the Wapack and down the Marion Davis trail.

It wasn't difficult.. Good rocky trail

Went up Wapack, the trail listed as hard, and down Marion Davis. Did the Summit Loop at the top and took the Spruce Knoll trail to the overlook. Was wet and foggy so no views but was a good, if short, hike with the dog.

Wapack has some good scrambles and rocks at the start and is a fun hike. Marion Davis was decent.

I wouldn't classify either as "hard" or "difficult" but can see parts of Wapack giving people a hard time.

1st hike ever for my wife an I. today was foggy with mist and 62 degrees. besides the lack of view it was perfect weather as it kept us from sweating up too badly. More strenuous than I expected but made up relatively easy. due to the wet rocks we decided to walk down the auto road. great day.

4 months ago

A good and more casual hike compared to the alternate route on the Wapack Trail.

4 months ago

Great hike. Relatively quick but steep overall. Great views of all of southern New Hampshire, and the White Mountains further north in New Hampshire and the Green Mountains of Vermont on a clear day.

Fun day hike. Go up Wapack and down Marion. Wapack is steep and rocky for much of the way. It would be a bit more treacherous going down than up in my opinion. Nice views at top with bathrooms and water available.

First time hiking with my son. This trail was perfect for beginners.

Great trail to explore with our new adventurous puppy!

6 months ago

I am a beginner and this was only my fourth time hiking but I found this trail to be fairly easy. There was a little scrambling but nothing too difficult. This is a good trail for families and children. There's also a paved road, good for bikers or if you don't want to climb back down. The view is nice from the top.

Pretty trail and dog friendly.

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7 months ago