The John Hay Refuge was established in 1987 when the Service acquired the former summer estate of John Hay, from his daughter-in-law, Alice Hay. John Hay was politician and statesman, best known as the personal secretary to Abraham Lincoln, Ambassador to Great Britain, and Secretary of State. Mrs. Hay wanted the estate to set aside

3 months ago

I really enjoyed this hike this morning. Uphill enough to make me stop to rest once or twice but the trail was wide, moss and pine needle covered most of the way up. The view was beautiful. We took the long way down which was also nice with a wildflower and tall grass path for a little while. Another uphill bit and down through peaceful woods to our starting point.

7 months ago

Did this hike with my 5 year old daughter and toddler son (in his pack) great view at the top. Follow the trail as directed and then when you come to a clear fork of going straight or left go left to get to the top. Overall it's a good hike, I would not rate it as easy because the last bit is quite steep but it is a nice work out. I would do it again! I think it was somewhere around 2.5 miles up and back.


5 years ago

This is a good family hike. It starts near the gatehouse, travels through the woods to Lake Sunapee and on to the Main house. An interesting historic site with superb gardens.