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Welcome to Franconia Notch State Park, located in the heart of the popular White Mountain National Forest. Franconia Notch is a spectacular mountain pass traversed by a unique parkway which extends from the Flume Gorge at the south to Echo Lake at the north. For eight miles, I-93 winds between the high peaks of the Kinsman and Franconia mountain ranges. Franconia Notch was the home of the famous Old Man of the Mountain, the same "Great Stone Face" immortalized by Nathaniel Hawthorne and Daniel Webster. While you are here, stop at the Flume Gorge Visitor Center and walk through the renowned Flume Gorge, ride the exciting aerial tramway at Cannon Mountain, and visit the New England Ski Museum. Take your time, stop for a swim at Echo Lake, net a trout while fly fishing at Profile Lake, ride your bike on the Recreational Trail, watch for rock climbers, hawks, and falcons on Cannon Cliffs, or hike on the Appalachian Trail. Bring the family, stay awhile, and enjoy Franconia Notch State Park.

Easy paved trail as well as dirt trails.

Easy paved trail as well as dirt trails.

Easy paved trail as well as dirt trails.

9 days ago

short, but really fun with great views!

Was absolutely amazing. The view at the top was worth the struggles of my legs getting tired!!

10 days ago

great! just don't go flashing lights in caves during fall and winter. I'm pretty sure I saw eyes in there... let's just say I didn't stay there to find out...

10 days ago

beautiful waterfalls and amazing views at the summit

Hiked this trail last week. We started at 10am and the hike was gorgeous. As we went, there were parts that were ice and extremely slippery. We were wearing hiking boots but some spikes on our shoes or poles may have helped us! We hiked to the abandoned house and had lunch. Continued hiking to Mt. Lafayette went along the ridge to Mt Haystack. It was windy but nothing too crazy. The views were absolutely worth my mini panic attacks. Instead of descending at Mt. haystack, we missed the trail and hike almost until Mt. Liberty. By the time the sun set, we were still in the forest trying to find our way to the highway. We finally did find our way; the hike turned into a 9 hour hike. We hitchhiked a ride back to our car. Buy a trail map! We thought that it would be marked enough but somehow missed it and almost got ourselves a free night sleeping in the forest!

14 days ago

16 days ago

This trail starts off very easy, about 3 or so miles of flat ground getting to flume but then the trail turns into the stairway to heaven, followed by a nice section of rock scramble to the top. The view from flume was amazing but view from liberty was even better. Great hike and it took me and my buddy just over 5 hours to complete (we hike pretty quick though).

Great hike! We only saw 2 other people during the entire hike. Our dog loved out as well. Great view from bald peak!

Great in November in the snow flurries! ☺️

Went in early November. Generally great hike but certainly not easy. Definitely Sore the following day. The top was extremely frozen almost like mars, but the view was pretty epic even though the clouds were making half of the view only like 50 feet long. Overall really great hike! reason for 4 stars is lack of views prior to top. Only glimpses through woods. Would still definitely hike again though

Wonderful trail. Very good workout!

Very difficult but the views at the top so rewarding. I hike up flume slide which was a great challah but glad I did it and I would do it again :)

Nice trail by a stream. Probably best to do when it hasn't rained too much as there are lots of rocks to climb. It wasn't the most scenic trail I've been on in NH but a good quick climb that took some exertion in the middle/too parts. Bottom part of trail isn't marked super well with lightest yellow paint marks but the upper part has decent markings with the red paint. Having the app to follow with GPS makes it so you can always find the trail.