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Crawford Notch State Park has 5,775 acres providing access to numerous hiking trails, waterfalls, fishing, wildlife viewing, and spectacular mountain views. Crawford Notch State Park is rich in history with the famous Willey House. The campground in the park is Dry River Campground and offers 36 wooded sites.

Did a quick run from 302 to the falls (not Frankenstein Cliff) via Arethusa Falls Trail in August 2016. It was an easy hike made slightly more challenging with the Bemis Brook cutoff. Very popular trail and the view of the falls from the base were spectacular. The falls themselves were crowded, which should be expected. Nice way to spend an afternoon if you're in the area. Just a short drive from North Conway.

I haven't done a lot of hikes, so I have no point of reference. That said, this hike took my breath away. The climb with pines and spring melt was primordial and wonderful. Our 7 year old dog did very well. Moderate hike with many places to stop and take in the green, and smells, and water sounds.

8 days ago

Good easy winter hike! Low grade!

Great hike with multiple opportunities for viewing the surrounding beautiful park. We climbed to Frankenstein in wet, leaf-covered conditions - the footing was challenging as a result but we didn't consider the trail difficult otherwise. I'd say moderate. In snow and ice, I suspect it wouldn't work without spikes. Having Arethusa to look forward to at the end of the hike was ideal. And the descent towards Arethusa was relatively easy, though very crowded from Arethusa to the trailhead/ parking lot. The Frankenstein loop was comparatively quiet compared to the crowd both at and approaching Arethusa Falls.

Great little hike. Don't plan your day around it though, it took less than an hour and a half in the winter. I would say you would rarely need spikes. Great little vista at the top of the trail!

16 days ago

Not difficult, would rate as moderate. leash you dogs and enjoy the hike to beautiful falls

This trail was a steep beginning and had a great view from Frankenstein cliff and the falls was worth it. I did this trail with my wife the week after hurricane Irene and the falls were screaming!! Excellently kept trail and would do it again.

1 month ago

Hiked Mount Willard in the beginning of December and it felt like a winter wonderland. Saw a few friendly hikers along the way. Something I liked was that there were just enough hikers there but not over populated and still enjoy the peacefulness of nature.

NOT for the inexperienced hiker. Took my fiancée and I about 3 hours just to reach the summit.. many steep spots as well as some old wooden ladders. Long walk back if you're super tired like we were. The whole day took 5 hours total for us. Start with a smaller trail if you're just starting out or aren't super physically fit :p

Beautiful, easy hike!

1 month ago

Excellent family hike even with some snow. We lucked out with the weather since it was cold enough that it wasn't muddy and the trees were covered with a snow down to the trunks, making for gorgeous views all the way up. Hearing the kids (7 & 9) say "whoa!" when we popped out at the summit and saw the view made it more than worth it. Some low cloud cover, but the views were still great. Snowy tree-tops made it unique. Friendly, light traffic on the trail (Sunday), many with 1 or more dogs. Kids liked navigating the two small water crossings at the start of the trail and the hair/needle ice crystals at the trail's edge. Popped in at the AMC Center for a patch. Another successful November hike in the White Mountains.

1 month ago

Very snowy easy walk past train tracks to get to trailhead. Was snowing about 2" the last time we went and was very chilly at the summit! Beautiful view and easy for almost anyone.

We did the Falls last year only after attempting to go up Frankenstein Cliffs the day before. I had unwisely taken the family up that way in November (6 and 8 year old with us) without doing enough research. Had to turn back after the trail got more and more treacherous. Wet leaves on the way down didn't make it any easier. Without kids, we would have powered through, but there were several exceptionally dangerous wet slippery rock faces to cross that were literally perilous for kids.
Not wanting the trails to get the better off us, we went back and did the falls the next day and loved it. Well trafficked and maintained trail. Only saw a few others, which made it feel more special. Headed to Mt. Willard for a universally agreed easy hike with good views tomorrow, and might try something harder before heading home if the rest of the family is up for it.

Loved this hike. Perfect combination of challenging and rewarding. Great views. Took me about 4 hours to complete, taking my time.

1 month ago

Decent hike and it only took us an hour to summit Willey. There are a couple views and only one of them is any good. Wooded peak but a good start if you want to get Tom and Field as well

1 month ago

Ascended Webster to Jackson. Wonderful hike. First mile is moderate/easy the last 1.5 mile to Webster summit is moderate/slightly hard. Right at the split of Jackson and Webster there is a BEAUTIFUL waterfall. My new favorite hike in NH now! The walk from Webster to Jackson is very nice easy stroll but once you get close you have to do some crawling/climbing. So nice and quiet. The trail was decently wet so at least in the fall I highly recommend boots that are at least slightly water resistant.

2 months ago

Nice hike to a magnificent waterfall!

Easy hike for an amazing view !!