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The Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest's spectacular 6.3 million acres makes it the largest national forest in the lower 48 states. Located in Nevada and a small portion of eastern California, the Forest offers year-round recreation of all types.

mountain biking
1 day ago

Bring your bike! And enjoy going up white creek/dry pond and down on Thomas creek.

1 day ago

Great Hike! Offers good scenic views of both the East and West sides of the Spring Mountains!

Love this trail. It's beautiful in the fall, the trees were amazing. My dog loved the cooler weather. Mostly uphill on the way to the falls, a little more relaxed the way back. I've done this hike half a dozen times and it's great each time!

The trail is definitely not friendly in the summer as you spend most of it in the sun. My 11 year old daughter and I run together often and thought this would be a great place to run, but I slipped on loose gravel three times and eventually sprained my ankle. However, we did take a lunch that we enjoyed at the waterfall before running back and it was a great experience.

4 days ago

Fantastic short hike with a spectacular payout at the top. Trail can get crowded on the weekends but the crowds don't spoil the fun. It's a constant gradual incline all the way to the top so if your not in relatively good shape you'll feel the burn in your legs and your lungs. Pack a lunch and enjoy the views.

5 days ago

Very easy hike, the trail itself is well kept and the hike even though it has a slight incline from time to time I consider it to be an easy hike, great view over the rock of South Tahoe.


Mary Jane is great.

I LOVE this trail. Both my husband and I were so mesmerized with the landscape and views, coming of off Reno looks like Shirley canyon trail at some points. Bring a snack to have by the waterfall. Love

mountain biking
8 days ago

This trail is endless. So much fun! Amazing views of Reno. Bikers must check it out.
DO NOT BRING DOGS, or beware of rattle snakes (I uploaded a pic) it was scary!

It was an all day hike that was beautiful with the fall colors. Definitely a hard trail the last couple miles up. I walk daily and,was vlpretty sore for a couple days afterward.

Great hike! Long enough to feel like you're getting a good workout and short enough to start after noon. Great views and decently groomed trails but watch out for bikers!!!

great hike with several lakes on the way. you can stop and return at any point.
currently everything is brown all around. just few green trees around the lakes and little streams.
we did it with our girls (10 + 6) and enjoyed it a lot.
it seems that all lakes got fish in them.

Highly recommended. easy but very pretty in the fall..

10 days ago

My father and I did Mount Rose as the second trail of our three-trail weekend (Squaw Peak the day before, Mount Tallac the day after.) As far as trail conditions, immediate views and streams go, this was the crown jewel of the trip.

We arrived at the trailhead at ~6:30 AM. We were one of the first cars in the lot, and there were no other hikers in sight. The trail starts out as a mellow, relaxing trek over dirt laced with the occasional snow. For the first two miles, there's little elevation gain, which serves as a great warm-up if you're doing the trail early in the morning.

The trail becomes increasingly difficult after the passage of a waterfall and low-flowing streams. You gain a hefty 2,000 feet in a little over two miles, though the indescribable views go a long way to helping you forget about the strenuous stretch of trail. Additionally, be prepared to hike icy and/or snowy paths, especially during October and November.

The last push to the summit- after the switchbacks- require sturdy shoes and attentive walking. Not only is the trail icy, it requires stepping over large rocks (some loose) while gaining a mentally taxing 400 feet with the summit in sight. I would recommend hiking poles for the final push to the summit, for they significantly help with both ascending and descending.

My father and I summited at a 8:45 AM, well before any other soul. The views from the summit rival Mount Tallac; Lake Tahoe is visible to the West, Reno and Carson City to the South/East, and Truckee/Donner Pass to the North. The weather at the summit was fortunately serene, with little wind and clear skies. We remained at the summit for a full thirty minutes before descending. We had the summit to ourselves the entire time.

Traffic on the trail started picking up heavily as we descended back to the waterfall. Dogs, families and casual hikers were aplenty post-waterfall, requiring us to step aside each minute. I heavily recommend starting at sunrise, not only to avoid the boisterous crowds, but also to enjoy a tranquil, snowy wonderland as the sun illuminates Mount Rose.

The final statistics calculated our route at 10.9 miles, gaining a little over 2,300 feet of elevation. Since we started early in the morning (hence no significant heat,) we only consumed two liters of water (and a small gatorade) between the two of us. If you're leaving later, I'd recommend bringing 2.5-3 liters of water along with salty snacks. There are places- almost all near the waterfall- to replenish your water bottles. Be sure to purify the water.

A lot of folks enjoy streams on their trails, myself included. This is a perfect trail, for you cross many areas with flowing water and can easily climb to the top of a small waterfall. With amazing views, relaxing streams, and a placid trail, this is one of the best hikes you can do around Tahoe. I highly recommend it.

11 days ago

This trail is moderate and is not easy as rated. The waterfall at the end is definitely worth the hike. Some parts of the trail are narrow and rocky. The trail would be tough for kids that are not into hiking.