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The Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest's spectacular 6.3 million acres makes it the largest national forest in the lower 48 states. Located in Nevada and a small portion of eastern California, the Forest offers year-round recreation of all types.

ice climbing
5 days ago

Tom Cooke can suck it. Decent trail.

5 days ago

Rode some sick waves at the waterfall.

Very Steep Hike!! Make sure you have a very very strong endurance in walking constantly on an incline motion..It was really hard you need to be really fit ad strong to do this Hike its not easy!! Very Hard! On a lighter note well worth the amazing views overlooking the whole part of Reno and Sparks!

Great hike! First half I would say is pretty easy. Second half very strenuous.

Very little shade until you get close to the falls. Can get crowded on weekends- would do on weekday or very early on a weekend. It's not easy- moderate at least.

11 days ago

Just hiked fletcher yesterday.... got to say this app is amazing and the hike was exactly how other hikers described it .
It was easy for me but my wife it was
moderate-hard in the since inclined lol
I loved the last 15min of the hike in between the canyons . Yes I would do the hike again if a friend has never done it .

12 days ago

Didn't really do it as a hike. iIfished this whole end of the lake with my family. One year it had a really large population of nice big, Brook Trout that we enjoyed catching. Odd little lake with the reddish color instead of the crystal blue of all the surrounding lakes. There is also some space here for rough camping that is not in a campground.

on Hunter Creek Trail

13 days ago

Make it out here early in the morning. If you don't, you'll run into a ton of unleashed dogs and wild people (weekend). I'm sure it's a lot easier to deal with on a weekday. I did this one a couple weeks ago; very fun, and got in there early. A great hike to keep you and the pup with at least an elevated heartbeat. Leave before dawn, and you'll be fine...

14 days ago

I hiked this trail in the Thanksgiving afternoon, so the traffic was light. Upper part of the trail was frozen and slippery especially near the water, you definitely need to have a pair of good hiking boots and hiking pole. The trail was beautiful with all the snow so was the frozen waterfall.

My favorite hike on Charleston. It's very easy if you're a regular hiker. If you're not, you might find it slightly challenging. Great views of the canyon at the top.

A very pretty hike!

17 days ago

A nice easy trail with a steep but doable climb to the top of the tock at the end. Spectacular views.

17 days ago

I am a 60 year old guy who has had three heart attacks and quadruple bypass. To me, this is more of a hard hike than moderate. I did not make it to the top on my first try. This is a very beautiful trail. Thin air was a little much. I am giving this one another try.

Love this hike!! It has beautiful, nature scenery!

18 days ago

Very short, but a bit of a workout getting to the top. Pretty views and scenery.