Great uphill run. Definitely coming back to use this hike as a training workout.

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1 month ago

Nice run, but getting up to the summit involved a little bit of climbing.

A solid hike that shoots you right up into an uphill climb from the start. There are some long stretches of uphill climb with loose rocks on the ground, so be sure to wear appropriate footwear.

while driving east on lake mead blvd you'll see a fence with steel wires for rope, that's where you'll need to park - there won't be any signs pointing to the trail.

You start off with a decent uphill trek, followed by a an even longer uphill climb followed by several switchbacks. At the top you'll feel as though you've reached the top, but will be surprised to find out you have another totally different hill to climb lol. Same pattern: long uphill stretch, followed by a few more switchbacks. But there is much better footing on the final hill so the climb up isn't that difficult.

Bring lots of water & some food to reenergize before heading back (especially if you're planning on doing this in the summer) - and enjoy the view at the top!!!

Overall this hike will give your legs an amazing workout, and the view at the top of Vegas is amazing.

Uploaded a few pics to give you a better idea~ (also a very short video of the hike for reference -

About an hour up, steep terrain but a great view at the top.

I like this trail due to the rapid elevation gain! great little exercise trail for those who want to get one in on the fly. the only down side to this hike is that there is a large saddle that zaps your morale!

the trail isn't that difficult, just a bunch of switchbacks. the view from the top is redeeming but there is little to see on the way up. There is a fair amount of liter and a couple abandoned karmenn Ghias along the way.

A steep camelback trail with a lot of loose rocks. Someone mentioned a walking stick ... I would second that thought. This one is a workout!!

9 months ago

2nd trip because I didn't have enough water for the 1st and results are still brutal, but I did make it. In total it's 5.8 miles long, not 3.4 as stated. Tips: have good hiking boots and trekking polls. Bring at least 100 oz of water, a snack, and wear sun screen. The views, I presume would be beautiful at night so I'll probably do it again. Overall, 5 stars for a sense of accomplishment and workout, 3 stars for the hike.

9 months ago

Brutal but glad I did it. Tip... Bring water and something with sugar as it's a lot longer than 3.4 miles, at least 4.5 miles but feels much longer. One guy passed out and for good reason. Moderate is putting it lightly. I'd place it in between moderate and difficult. Hiking sticks are a bonus and when you think you're at the top, you're not. You'll know what I mean when you hit first peak. Good luck.

Great view. I was literally the only person on the trail. Overall the hike took me about 2 and a half hours. I stopped and lunched, but the hike is steep, fun, but steep.

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1 year ago

I didn't stay on the road going uphill but followed the path towards lake mead. I was very disappointed. There was garbage everywhere. Clearly people use it to dump trash. It's was heartbreaking. What would have been a beautiful trail turned horribly wrong.

I made the mistake of doing this hike alone, & I ran out of water before I got back. Don't make the same mistake, especially if you hiking in the summer.the hike itself is above average, physically demanding, and will leave you breathless. The reason this hike is amazing is the view. When you reach the true summit, the view will knock your socks off. Absolutely worth it.

This was an exhausting hike but the view was second to none. Be sure to hike to the second summit up to the towers. The view from here to lake Mead is breathtaking!! The hike killed me :) but the view made it all worth it! Bring lots of water and really comfortable shoes!

A relatively short hike of just over 4 hours; Frenchman Summit can place you in one of the most beautiful overlooks available to view the valley. Because you are hiking a dirt road, evening or night viewing is spectacular without the added risk of traversing back along a trail in the dark.

The trail is extremely steep on a utility road with loose gravel. It is easy to slip and fall on the way down even for the most sure-footed hiker. I recommend hiking poles.

The views from the top are awesome! The fact that you are so close to the city and not to high in altitude is what makes the views so good. I hiked Frenchman for the view of Las Vegas, but the views of Lake Mead and Boulder City were equally amazing. When you get to the top you have a 360 degree view with steep drops on all sides.

Summary: The hike is just ok, the reward at the end is awesome!

We only made it half way, we were only prepared for an easy hike, not a all up hill in the rocks hike when we did it the sun got to be blocked by the big mountain next to the trail and it kept us cool some of the way. I didn't like the hike but them again I didn't finish it.

Really enjoyed this hike. Great work out and what a view! I was not prepared and didn't bring enough water. The first hill is a bit steep but nothing compared to what comes after! Give yourself about 3 hours and plenty of water. I was not expecting it to be so steep. Be careful going down because the rocks are loose and won't keep you from falling on your booty, which I did. Twice! Nothing serious. Over all, one of the most challenging hikes I've done recently but super fun.