About 3 1/2 miles to walk the peak and around the loop.

A morning jog with the dogs !! Was a great workout but on top it's to steep and a little dangerous

Went on a night hike to see the fireworks. This hike had a good amount of incline with a rocky peak. It was easy enough to do in the dark even without doing it before, however, I would recommend trying in daylight first.

Great view! Good distance.

Great short fun hike ,cool views too ,steep but rewarding .. was great way to walk off that holiday meal after visiting family ..

2 months ago

I love Lone for some morning cardio. I like to run/climb up the very west side which is not path that most take. It's a bit more strenuous. Once you reach the peak, you have to come back down the dreaded loose gravel. MOMENTUM!!!!
It's good for a quickie!

Nice loop feels like your getting away from the city, next to beautiful park.

2 months ago