Amazing Trail Run

1 month ago

these were very generous ratings.... yes there was beautiful scenery (Oct 23) but the trail ended very anticlimacticly by butting up with another trail at a particularly drab location. I'd probably try to incorporate it into a loop next time.

Awesome hike. Fun to veer off a bit and go to church's pond.

on Dry Pond Trail

1 month ago

Very pretty hike. I went in late October and the fall colors were gorgeous!

Wonderful loop. Easier if done counterclockwise, less steep.

this trail was a bit challenging at times but Absolutly doable. a few spots were steep but the challenge is mostly in endurance/distance. Absolutly gorgeous views through the whole loop. I went mid October and while there was some color change I am excited to try this gorgeous trail again in the spring!

Trail is easy to follow but markers get scarce for a bit. Beautiful hike!

3 months ago

Did this as a loop trail from Thomas creek trailhead, up over Dry Pond then down to Whites Creek trailhead (2 cars). About 5 miles. Probably another mile to complete loop. Good steady climb to dry pond, which was a dry, low swail of dry grasses. Nice views of Slide Mtn (Mt. Rose ski area). Late summer and late in day. Plenty of shade. Lower areas follow near the creeks for a ways. The drop into Whites is south aspect and more exposed. Likely hot earlier in day. Saw lots of mountain bikes (high school team) and some hikers and dogs. About two hours without rush. Brought out of town guests who gushed about how pretty the hike was. Lucky to have this so close to town.

Bring a friend for this hike! I did this hike by myself with my dog today for the first time and halfway through I completely lost service & got a little lost because I didn't know I had to cross the creek a few times! The view is beautiful at the top & the trail is shaded nicely. 10 miles gets a little lonely, but it is eerily beautiful.

Always beautiful & a great workout :~}

Love this area. Great views.

Excellent trail run! The pond is a great place to chill out and hydrate before heading back. Excellent trail so close to Reno where you can get into the trees.

mountain biking
4 months ago

I love this trail. This year there is still water and it is nice and shady during the day. Be careful of ticks.

Great trail to hike, with a great scenic view once you reach the peak of the mountain. I recommend to begin the hike early even though the hike is mostly shaded but some parts put you directly in the sun for decent stretches. Even though the trail is difficult, the view at the top is well worth it.

The hike is rather residential for a while, but very pretty still. Most of it is along the creek, but at one point it reaches a fork. I didn't use the tracker, so I didn't know which way to go, but I stuck right in the direction of the creek. Once I reached the fork, I didn't pass any people. It was very nice and peaceful. My dog loved playing in the creek. Most of it is shaded, so that's nice for a late start to the hike and it's very flat most of the way. Very small inclines.