nice easy trail

Very, very, short and easy hikes that leave much to be desired. High traffic trails are damaged by horses and humans. I expected so much more and left feeling disappointed.

For being so close to city life this is a gem. Nice walking trails, plenty of plant life, a few streams.

We were looking for an easy trail where my 3 and 7 year old kids could ride their bikes and the adults could walk off some thanksgiving turkey. The trail that is accessible to bikes is on the perimeter of the reserve, and winds you around a water treatment plant. Also the trail head is the neighborhood park not the nature center located a little further down the road. It was fine, but there was a lot of trash... I assume the more nature-focused experience would have been if we had just all walked and been on the better maintained reserve trails. I did run into an employee who was super helpful and very knowledgeable.

It's a nice mostly paved walk. we did about a two mile loop. I don't know if I would call it a hike but we enjoyed it.

love all the different trails. specifically the one that goes all the way to lake las vegas than down to lake mead from here (:

Lots of trails and things to see. The nature center was also very fun and informative!

Nice and paved area and also non paved trails. Doesn't even feel like your in Vegas! It's easy to get confused though if you go through the non paved areas. Haha a lot of bench areas. Seen a few roadrunners. We went passed the big bridge and seemed like most folks were on bikes there. So it would be a Neat area to also go biking too, I'd say!

Easy, kid friendly!

Absolutely beautiful! Definitely walk all the trails in the nature preserve. You'll see bunnies, quail, greater roadrunners and more (and bugs). It is a quiet and peaceful place with lots of beautiful things to see.

great activity to take the family. nice escape from the hustle of the city. My daughter loved all the rabbits and birds.

This park has really grown over the past few years. There are lots of trails - both paved and non-paved. It's fun to see so much water in the desert and water-type foliage. And you'll most likely see a lot of bunnies!

The trail I've run the most starts at Wetlands and goes all the way to Lake Las Vegas. It's a nice trail. Starts out pretty mild, but there are a lot of crazy hills as you go along. It's mostly used by cyclists - at least when I've been out there. Not sure I've actually ever seen another runner while I've run this trail.

There is also a really cool hidden canyon, carved out by the Las Vegas Wash. You can easily climb down into the canyon - just be sure to do it on a clear day. Wouldn't be very fun (or safe) during a flash flood.

The park is well maintained and there are restrooms within the park (but not out along the trail). The restrooms were clean every time I've had to use them. Parking is plentiful, too. I doubt you'd ever had an issue finding a place to park.

It was nice looked at the water and there was a LOT of rabbits to see. My 4 year old and I loved it just to explore.

Very green and lush well developed

8 months ago

nice easy trail among nature

A nice weekend stroll. Tons of little paths to explore wildlife and neat vegetation that thrives in a wetland area. Didn't feel like you were in Vegas at all. Cool visitor center and close to a water reclamation facility. Don't go in the water! ;)