3 days ago

This is actually a cool place to walk if you don't want to leave civilization. It's quite pretty and it's really easy.

17 days ago

great bike trail/running trail!

Great for biking or walking the dog!

road biking
4 months ago

This is a great bike trail easy to follow. It can get really crowded in the mornings. Lots of different activities taking place at the same time biking, running, walking, hiking and a few people just sitting on the benches watching.

Nice ride for cyclists

10 months ago

great way to relax too short trip quick walk with loved ones

road biking
2 years ago

The trail gets its name from the Pittman Wash which lies right next to it all along the way with desert vegetation, hiking trails and local fauna like different kinds of birds and lots of rabbits running all around. No bicycles are allowed inside the wash itself but on the paved trail right next to it.

The trail is paved all the way through. It's got some inclination at certain intervals, but no hard to bike on. It bypasses major streets like Green Valley Pkwy and Valle Verde Dr via passage ways underneath them, so you don't have to worry about incoming traffic.

I just rode the trail about two weeks ago and it was really nice. I rode from the trailhead at Arroyo Grande Blvd up to Pecos Rd for about 2.9 miles. That' s where I found Pecos Legacy Park; a nice place with lots of green space, tables and benches where you can sit, relax and enjoy a snack. I could have ridden another couple of miles on the trail but night had fallen already and I still had to ride back home. The ride from home was 2 miles to the trailhead. So it was almost 5 miles each way for a total of 10 miles ridden.

3 years ago

My family took a ride and parked near Windmill and Green Valley and did a small hike down in the wash. We hiked about three miles round trip in the wash and not on the hard ball. Many trails to choose from and well marked and lined with large rocks. Several trails to get up and out of the wash and back on the paved trail as well. Saw road runners, ground quail, hummingbirds, and desert squirrels.

Enjoyable hike even in the middle of a busy city!

road biking
3 years ago

Decided to bike this trail as part of the City of Henderson's Discover our Trails Scavenger Hunt taking place the entire month of May, 2013. I would have never discovered how much fun it was to bike had it not have been for this promotion.

It's a moderate challenge (really kicked my butt due to being a little out of shape at the moment lol!) with scenic views of desert scenery and lavish greenery due to park landscaping. This place gets a lot of action. I came at 7:30am to beat the heat and crowds and it was perfect. Not too many folks and just the right amount of company.

I would recommend this trail to bikers and hikers looking for just a simple outing with a very moderate challenge.