This place is unforgettable, when hiking in and around the giant cedars you'll think you stepped back in time. Very easy to hike, sometimes it can become busy but most of the times your alone in the cedars.

This is a moderately difficult trail. There isn't much going up or down, but the millage can make it long hike depending on how far down the trail you go. You can have some great views of Pend Oreille as well as find a hidden Lost Lake. Overall the trail can become a little tedious with not much else to look at the but same view of Pend Oreille.

Very difficult hike. The trail is very steep but the payoff at the top is all worth it!! Not for beginners. Make sure you have good hiking boots.

2 months ago

I could not find the trail head using the directions on All Trails. Had to give up due to time. Too bad - was looking forward to the hike. A check on Google maps suggests that All Trails directed me down the wrong dirt road. There is no cell coverage, so make sure you have the right road before you get out there.

Beautiful spot

2 months ago

I completed this hike in late September. The color of the autumn leaves, and the scent in the air, was magical!

Think of this as two different hikes. The hike from the beginning of the trail head to the waterfall is a relatively easy hike with smooth paths, easy inclines, and nothing daunting for the casual hiker. The hike from the waterfall to the lake is a bit more challenging. About 20 meters from the waterfall, there is a trail heading eastward up the mountain. You might miss it at first, because you are looking at the AWESOME waterfall ahead. The trail is a switchback with some considerable elevation gain from the waterfall to the lake. The views from this point on are just amazing! The lake and surrounding mountains are stunningly beautiful.

I was hiking alone, and met a black bear coming down the trail. I moved aside, and it moved aside, and we got past each other without incident. (This is a grizzly habitat, so you might bring some bear spray and leave your picnic basket at home.)

The hike from the waterfall to the lake is well worth the effort to get to the top. This hike is going on to my list of favorites.

2 months ago

Super fun hike ! For sure steep but worth it once you get to the top. My sister and I did it in about two hours. We saw six goats (: Beautiful views. Driving there was easy if you follow the signs.. All dirt/rock heading into the trail so make sure you have a car that can drive that!

2 months ago

Great trail. The first portion is very steep, but the switchbacks are more forgiving as you climb higher. Under tree cover first several miles. I saw a mama and her kid and another goat who wanted to hang out on the top. Great hike, knees are feeling it the next day

This is a great easy hike with constantly changing beautiful views along the shoreline and in the woods. Dog friendly, too, as others noted.

There are more extensive forest service trails than shown on All Trails. In this area, we've learned you need a map!!

2 months ago

The trail number is 52. My iPhone got me lost using the directions from this app (took me to the middle of a field near sandpoint), so I just looked up lake Darling on my google maps and it got me there easily (I also followed signs to the trailhead). The hike in to the lake is pretty easy and not too long. There were huckleberries to snack on along the way. The lake is lovely! I didn't see any wildlife, but my German shepherd probably had something to do with that

Challenging and very rewarding once you reach the top

Went yesterday it was awesome no goats 6667feet that was a killer but well worth it trail was easy to fallow Huckleberry still on way up high on the trail .

Easy trail you can walk in a morning and enjoy the lake and then hike out to your vehicle. If you decide to walk the full loop, prepare for a more than moderately steep climb to the top of the ridge.

An easy trail with plenty of great photo ops of Lake Pend d'Oreille.

Beautiful high with water views that are spectacular the entire way. We had a bit of confusion about whether to start at the top by following the local signs to mineral point or to start at Green Bay campground. Either direction would be great but just a good clarifying note when trying to navigate to the trail head. We started at top and hiked down to the beach and back up. I would recommend either!

The views were amazing! we saw 6 mountain goats on top. Met a nice couple. A great day!

3 months ago

Took me 3:25hr for the full 8 miles. Probably a little over 2 hours to the top. I didn't see any mountain goats which is sad. Foggy and cold at the top today!

Directions to trailhead incorrect on alltrails. Take Road 278 for 7 miles then take the right fork to follow 278, takes you to a spot for parking and the trail head. More info on Forest Service website search Green Monarchs Trial #69