Nothing too awe inspiring but a great place to let the pup run around and enough crisscrossing trails to keep you entertained, spent about 2 hours there and had a great time.

Hiked on an overcast mid-October Sunday with the 9yr old kiddo and the pooch. It was beautiful.

It's always a great place to see the whole valley!

Steep hike but gives you a great view over Missoula and the mountains surrounding. Saw a couple deer grazing by the trail on the way up. Fast hike that starts on University of Montana's campus.

6 months ago

Tough, quick hike. Great sunset views of Missoula Valley. Will be doing it again soon.

Tough but short hike! Has 13 switchbacks, the first being the hardest in my opinion, but don't quit on it.... the view at the top is awesome!

7 months ago

Get winded fast.

Beautiful view of Missoula especially at night even just from the M. To the summit, there are two main paths from the M that get you up there one is easier but the path is longer and it does come across a cool yet short cave. This Map of the trail is a little out dated when it comes to hiking to the summit since there has been trail restoration and land preservation efforts, but if you are not sure just ask somebody around you they are all pretty nice!

trail running
8 months ago

Great for walking or running. Leads to the back of Mt Sentinel hiking trail.

A beautiful and challenging trail, especially during the winter months. I remember exerting much more effort than was necessary in order to avoid the patches of ice and snow mixed with mud.

The view is worth it from the 'M' alone. Pushing yourself to the top of Mt. Sentinel results in astonishingly gorgeous views. Well worth the added effort.