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Nice early fall hike with my dog. A couple of very loud dirt bikes that upset the serene setting and scared my pup. other than that it's a great hike. Bring the beat spray. A black bear ran across the path up ahead of me on my way down.

horseback riding
9 days ago

Rode this trail with Jake's Horses, a great outfit for trail rides

10 days ago

This trail was a little more strenuous than I expected it to be. Not from the area but frequent it often and never really considered myself out of shape or a flat lander but I was really out of breath on this hike and had to take frequent breaks. At the top I found out it was all worth it though. Such an amazing view. Feels like you're on top of the world!

The directions are wrong. You have to park at the m and then keep going up. These directions take you to a private road out in Bridger canyon (maybe it used to be the trailhead but not anymore)

18 days ago

Great views, not hard at all. Easy hike but still worth the drive from Bozeman. Can see waterfalls from all different angles

18 days ago

Easy, paved trail, great for stroll or run... Waterfall is worth it at the end. Plenty of easy exploring to do around the area


18 days ago

Beautiful Hike!!! We took the longer way to get there but we made it!!! So pretty breathtaking

Great hike ! I took my 5 year old and my 2 year old and they did great.

22 days ago

22 days ago

Good hike but it's either deadly winds at the top or nothing and I keep getting unlucky. the hike around the other side is also very gorgeous.

mountain biking
23 days ago

Once you get to the ridge, it's amazing! Great change in terrain as well. The downhill is excellent when the trail isn't clogged with pedestrians.

A great short hike with a good amount of elevation gain. The top features a magnificent view of the canyon and town!

24 days ago

So rainy that day but still a very cool hike. Some people mentioned that this trail wasn't marked well but it was for us. It did look like someone had come through with a gator and cleared a lot of it. The last bit to the lakes is a little more tech and not marked as well. But not terrible. Def take bear spray. Once we got to the lake we heard a pretty intense animal "voice". I assume it was a bear because I don't know what else would have made that noise. Either way it was intimidating.