Spent a week visiting all of the east side from south to the Canada border. Loved everything we saw

1 year ago

One word AMAZING!!! I have been here 9 times and it never gets old.

Incredibly beautiful but difficult hike. We had camped at Red Eagle Lake the night before, and we day-hiked the pass the next day, an 18-mile round trip overall. Well worth it. That day, we passed both a medium-sized grizzly and a large bull moose, as well as marmots and mountain goats near the summit itself. We got rained on, hailed on, and sunny skies and the terrain proved to be incredibly diverse. There are rivers, creeks, dead and flourishing forests, colorful and interesting flora, unique rope/plank bridges, and breathtaking views from the peak and meadows. Would definitely do again if in the Glacier area. Take bear spray, and be careful traveling in the late fall and early spring. Huzzah!

Truly the "Crown of the Continent"...I day-hiked from Cut Bank. It's a moderate climb to Triple Divide Peak where the rain splits off in three directions to the Gulf, Pacific, and Hudson Bay. It's quite the geological anomoli. I walked across the meadow and filled my bottle from the glacial waterfall. Fantastic day

I was camped by Lower St. Mary Lake and I got to see a Bald Eagle, Osprey and some other birds.
I have also seen a Bald Eagle flying above Lake Sherburne.