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6 days ago

Me and my wife took our daughter there and it was beautiful nice easy hike a lot of fun will definitely be doing it again

This is one of my favorite trails! What makes Sioux Charley so great is that there's a mix of everything - the rushing river in a rocky gorge, shaded areas full of aspens and other trees, little bits of meadow, crossing a stream or two, great mountain views, and the peacefulness of the "lake" at the end. It's also an easy hike that most folks can do. It is 7.5 miles roundtrip (not 6.5, as advertised). It took us 3 hours, 40 minutes to complete, but we did stop often to take photos of the beautiful scenery!

off road driving
13 days ago

great run for new people's to hobby of off road,can be done in most stock 4x4 rigs

21 days ago

Great trail on a nice warm fall day! Even got to see moose and her calf.

Very pretty. My husband and I hiked to the upper lake and it was a little more than we bargained for, but we'll worth it! Make sure you wear good shoes, pack a snack and water.

If you avoid the stairs at work, you should NOT get on this trail. Requires moderate fitness level but is very pretty. It is definitely worth the effort to make it to both lakes--I had a small snack at the first lake and took a little siesta at the upper lake, very serene and beautiful. Wear good hiking shoes because the trail can be gravelly, making it a little treacherous on the way down. Trail is very narrow against the mountainside in places. I saw a moose cow and her calf on the way down which was awesome!!

Awesome hike. Easy. There were parts of the road that were rough but I've been on many worse. Several mentioned seeing moose but we didn't see any.

I couldn't find it. Followed directions that took me to a code gate.

1 month ago

Beautiful fall day hike!!

1 month ago

Amazing little hike! The view is in my top 5 of all time. Depending on the day you go- you can get the whole trail to yourself. Would recommend to anyone!!

1 month ago

1 month ago

Absolutely beautiful! Will definitely be doing again!

This is a beautiful hike, especially if you like walking on jagged rock! The first part is very serene and reasonably easy, but watch out for the second half, especially if you're 70 and have 2 artificial knees. Yikes! I'm still recovering 2 days later :-).

Definitely a moderate hike, however the elevation change is spread out pretty well. When you reach the second section of switchbacks be careful, you can easily miss the turn off for the lake. If you continue up these switchbacks you are heading up the trail to Mystic Lake. There is a tower of stones to help guide you to Phantom Lake. Very pretty area with nice views of the valley and lots of small creeks throughout the trail even through August. We ran into several groups during our day hike with a few being backpackers hiking through.