I have a little dog, so the whole 8 mile loop is too long for us. However, it worked out perfectly! We walked about 1.5 miles from the parking lot to the cliff of the river/scenic lookout and turned around for a mini 3 mile loop. It was perfect length and we got to see the great river view! Lookout for some tall roots.

Beware of hunters this time of year. Went yesterday and came across a couple. Very friendly, but not wanting to get mistaken for a deer!

24 days ago

enjoyed it but got lost because I'm directionally challenged

great views

Great hike on the Clark trail. 5.3 miles. Lewis 8.3. Beautiful scenery near the Missouri River. Highly recommend

Great Saturday morning stroll with the dogs or nice trail run. Great terrain and views. Very well maintained.

My favorite trail so far.

Great private walk! Less intense than the hills of the Lewis and Clark. Loved it!

The dirt trails are awesome, a lot of gravel to get to them though. Took my dog and he loved the shade and creek nearby. Can't wait to explore this place again!

This is my favorite hiking trail by far yet! Some of the best and most scenic views that you can ask for. Lots of nature to look at ( both plants and animals) I do take my Shiba Inu with me every time, (not in summer) and he loves it. There are always other dogs out there too. The trial does have some treacherous terrain and hills, but worth it every time. Every time I leave, I can't wait to come back.

It was a great ride. I took about 4-5 breaks to look around and drink water. Total ride time was 1hr 27mins. 11miles total because I missed a turn and ended up on Hamburg trail.

Could not have asked for a better day. Hike was great. We did the Clark trail. Will probably do the Lewis trail in the spring!

Yas w/ Nick Ladd

2 months ago

Very moderate trail & beautiful!