5 months ago

on St. Stanislaus Trail

6 months ago

Go watch the sunset on top of the hill on the trail with the bridge.

yeah i like this trail..not fancy..no markers. nice scenery. next time i'm taking a plastic bag to pick up trash on my backtrack..its a real no frills dirt path...easy to follow. not difficult at all but not boring either...

Not a bad trail, not a good trail. To much overgrowth and not maintained well. No markers, had to backtrack a bit due to the trail being overgrown and inaccessible. Only good part was the deer that crossed my path on the trail.

2 years ago

mountain biking
2 years ago

This trail is NOT FOR MOUNTAIN BIKING in my opinion. the trails is not well maintained from the start there are trees that have fallen over and they cut the trunks to step over but clearly not to ride over. it is probably good for some hiking and that is why I gave it 3 stars.

This trail does have some very scenic vistas and can be quite adventurous. My problems with the trails are they are not maintained. I feel like I am bushwhacking. Also by some rubble there was some broken glass.

Well paved trail, well maintained, no trash. Kid and dog friendly- Very nice trial in Hazelwood, is apart of the Gateway Greenway trail system. Short hike only a mile, bu this will eventually be expanded.

Disappointed in this trail, especially since it is run by the Conservation Dept. There is a small loop trail that is paved that is labeled as a "Disabled Persons" trail. That small loop is nice- The end of this loop there is a post that says Trail, but there is no trailhead that is marked. The trail is partly gravel, partly dirt and is very poorly marked. We went about a mile before we saw another trail marker. Steep in some places, the trail is moderate- poorly maintained lots of blow downs, at one point the trail leaves the woods and goes into an overgrown field- you walk through grass chest high. At one point we got to a nice overlook of the Missouri river- that is where we got lost- 8 PM with a 20 month old on my back we barely made it out before dark. The trail system needs some improvement- plan on contacting the dept of conservation this week.