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More Than Just the Rivers.... Ozark National Scenic Riverways is the first national park area to protect a river system. The Current and Jacks Fork Rivers are two of the finest floating rivers you'll find anywhere. Spring-fed, cold and clear they are a delight to canoe, swim, boat or fish. Besides these two famous rivers, the park is home to hundreds of freshwater springs, caves, trails and historic sites such as Alley Mill.

Real unique area. Unworldly blue.

2 months ago

Great destination hike to hit if you're in the area. The fall colors and the blue water made it more than worth the short trek. I made the trip in the mid morning and the sun was behind the cliffs. I would imagine it's even more beautiful in the afternoon with the sun on the water.

Came here by accident because the GPS drop for Blue Springs actually routes you here. The camp sites looked decent but sadly the restrooms were already closed for the season. So if you are planning on primitive camping here to enjoy the fall colors and the river, keep in mind, you will be fending for yourself when it comes to the restroom. The Blue Hole is worth the hike up from here. There is open restrooms there, but I would advise using only if it's an emergency.

3 months ago

Beautiful, easy walk around Alley Spring and mill. Stop in and tour the mill while you're there!

5 months ago

This trail has a large assortment of different Missouri terrain all in one trail. The types of rocks at rocky falls and the mill are fascinating. It is a good shortish hike. I did it in July, at the peak of summer heat and it was nice. There are many places to stop by the river and take a break to cool off if needed.

6 months ago

Easy hike! Beautiful water! Enjoyed the views!

6 months ago

Really neat!

Beautiful! And the Jacks Fork River was sooo nice for my 2 year old to wade and swim in!

Easy trail. To get to the hospital, there is a small rock crossing that you can use to get across the water. There's a 10 foot climb after that where you'll need to use your hands and feet to climb it. Once you get past that climb, there is a trail on your left about 6-7 feet away. That trail is easy to follow and will take you over the bluff directly to the hospital. You'll be able to look down into the hospital. There's a cave inside the hospital itself in the back on the ground floor. You can't actually get inside the hospital or the cave, but it is really neat.

7 months ago

We took this trail just before sunset, its not that long, but the path isn't paved and there are some roots that make the hike less smooth than I would have liked. But, once hitting the spring it made it all worth it! Such a beautiful place. The path provides in ground trash cans which is nice, so there wasn't any trash on the trails.

8 months ago

Got lost and ended up at Powder Mill. Found sign that sail "Blue Springs - 1 mi" Do not take this trail!!!! It starts out ok but at one point trail is blocked by a beaver dam. Then trail narrows and becomes difficult. Found Blue Springs and it was gorgeous. One the way back though the trail disappeared entirely in spots. Do not go this way

Drove 6 hours round trip with 2 cars so we could do the 3.5 mi from the Mill to the Falls in one pass instead of a 7 mi out and back. I don't see what all the fuss is about with this one. It was a pretty trail, and the waterfalls by the mill and and Rocky Falls were stunning, but the walk in between these two points fell short in my opinion.