Great trail! Some areas on the river trail are pretty rocky which can be difficult with dogs. Pretty easy to follow the marked trails. A decent amount of traffic on the trail makes you feel like you won't be lost forever but isn't overcrowded. See my blog for more photos and reviews

This trail has lots of nice trees. Saw a snake. Watch out for horse poop during horse season.

Frickin sweet trail for dogs

Full-star detraction for the condition of the western side of the River Trail (below the soccer fields). Completely covered in glass and litter. Would hate to trip and fall here.

Trail head for the Highline trail is at the intersection of Blue River Rd and Blue Ridge Blvd. Park on the gravel lots right at the intersection. Combination of the Highline, Bohoca and Basement trails make for a solid workout, though it's wooded without much to look at. River trail was disappointing and lacked the wildflower I was hoping.

Trails are well-marked with non-washing signposts in the ground.

Beautiful wilderness. Lots of exposed rock on the trail. Humans and dogs loved it! Can't wait to return for some more exploring.

Fun hike and the trails are well maintained.

Great trail with lots of opportunities to enjoy the river.

Fun! Little muddy and I got a little lost but was able to find my way back quickly.

too!!! many ticks needs to be cleared

5 months ago

Nice, simple, quiet and easy.

trail running
6 months ago

So quiet and peaceful. It runs right along a creek. GREAT scenery!

Minor Park consists of approx. 10+ miles of very well maintained trolley bed, flat fast single-track, and hilly rocky advanced singletrack. Advanced sections are located to the far south of the park.

Too many people, difficult to find a nature path vs paved

awesome and well maintained

trail running
7 months ago

It was a good trail for someone wanting to start out trail running

it was beautiful. glad I checked it out