4 months ago

We enjoy walking the boardwalk with the kids and grandkids. It's easy enough that no one complains! The visitor center is nice and interactive.

we went a few weeks ago, after heavy rain. boardwalk was almost flooded so we chose to walk ditch 6 instead at the suggestion of the park ranger. beautiful walk, Marsh on both sides, snakes, snakes, snakes. I was warned ahead of time snakes are EVERYWHERE. my daughter and husband almost stepped on one ( different snakes). as long as you are aware ahead of time, it was beautiful. keep eyes peeled for snakes. enjoyed watching a cranes fly through the marshes.

The Boardwalk Nature Trail allows visitors to enjoy the Mingo Swamp without getting wet. Down this path lies a one-mile (1.6-km) loop trail through the bottomland hardwood swamp. A self-guided pamphlet of the trail is available at the Boardwalk parking lot. The path is wheelchair accessible.

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1 year ago