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Really amazing trail with a lot of variety in the landscapes! Easily one of my favorite hikes I've done

Lots of mountain bikers when we went. Made hiking a little tough. Beautiful lake!!

Hiked Taum Sauk to Shut-ins. Beautiful Hike. Very rocky typical ozark. If can catch it after a rain the falls are awesome but was bone dry this time. The view about 8 miles in was without a doubt the best so far in Missouri. took us about 8 hours to do the hike.

The trailhead was easy to find but make sure you have a map for all the trail choices along the trail. Only picked up one hitchhiker - but had long pants and long socks on. Overall a well maintained trail minus the first half mile but even that wasn't too bad. A definite decent outing worth the drive.

Trail is rough in places. Rough enough to just walk the woods instead. I walked to trail and my GPS marked it closer to 7 miles. Not sure why. I would definitely hike it again.

loved it

great trail . took my 9 year old and my 5 year old they did fine. looking forward to doing it again

If you get "lost" don't worry all trails connect together, if you're willing to hike the eleven miles. Suggest to start early if you want to make the full hike. Some sections are overgrown and other sections are very open and pleasant. The highlight of the whole trail is the natural bridge (more of a natural tunnel)

This section of the trail has been overgrown. There is a part of the trail that has pink slip ties that are marked 'mushroom trail re-route' which makes a circle around the section before you proceed all the rest of the way up the rocky hill. If you continue on you will connect the rest of the way onto the kaintuck trail leading towards the oak section and another section marked with what looks like lungs on an orange sign. Overall a good long trail. Bring the bug spray and wear long hiking pants/shoes! Definitely pack the water and your own markings.

Easy open trail. If you're wanting to go to the natural bridge go passed the turn google maps tells you to take and go down the road a little longer and you will see a sign for the natural bridge 1/2 mile and go down that road and park. The natural bridge is about a 1/2 mile down the trail on the right, and there are orange spray paint marks to lead you right to the natural bridge! A sight to see! It's more of a natural tunnel!

Easy to get lost on this part! Horse poop beware, and parts of it are overgrown. Overall a decent trail but needs better marking on which direction leads where.

Beautiful scenery, horse trails not marked well

Rocky trail with some great views and streams. Very nice hike overall, definitely will be back after the leaves start changing and fall.

mountain biking
1 month ago

I really need to get better at this sport.

1 month ago

Just hiked this over the weekend. The trail is pretty clear on the first leg. But gets lost once you get to the creek bottom. It's tough to find the trail connection going back north as its really covered
Up. Watch out for snakes in the creek area. Seen a
Copperhead before turning back north. Overall not a bad trail just tough finding the right way on the back half.

Great trail with the kids!