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14 days ago

nice trail easy to walk. didn't see any wildlife when I went though. Does have a couple of nice views along the way.

16 days ago

Nice trail, Blossom Rock is great for bouldering.
Easy climbing, great for beginners.

would not try this trail if you have never been and you dont have a person with you that has been there before! there is no signs to tell you where you are goin...i actually started at fire tower but ended up at the hurcules national forest entrance after hours of hiking while thinking i was going in a loop back where i started but then coming to a whole different area, my phone was dead and had to wait for others who started where i ended up to come back....then ask for a ride to my car.

beautiful area, though not a maintained trail it was packed down well enough to easily see the way. went after a rain and there were many waterfalls

Great place to hike and tons of trails. It's definitely best to see the falls after a good rain.

on Greer Spring Trail

26 days ago

Very secluded, minimal traffic on the trail but multiple camp sites down at the the falls. We visited in early May and were ready for a nice swim by the time we arrived at the falls.... only to find that the entire creek bed was bone dry! The bottom of the falls had maybe a foot of stagnant water. Very disappointing.

Hiked the entire loop. Took a little over 4 hours (12.7 miles) . I saw no one from the time I parked until I got back in my truck. Very peaceful with great views of the lake during most of the hike. Looking forward to doing it again in the Spring.

1 month ago

Pretty trail in winter when the leaves are down and you can appreciate the views of surrounding hilltops. Double track trails mostly. Too treacherous for trail running w all the leaves on the rocky trail. Saw some pleasant horses with riders and no one else. Consider 4-wheel drive or other high clearance vehicle to cross rocky streams en route to park area.

One of my favorite spots to hike. The water is crystal clear and feels amazing after a hot summer day.

2 months ago

river perfect but beware if you own personal equipment the private campgrounds and canoe outfitters will refuse your business and try to make your life rough