I love it! Peaceful and perfect for hammocking!

Heckin rad, dudes

It was so fun! Our entire family enjoyed it!

I loved this trail.. Some great things to see while you are hiking as well.

Pleasantly surprised with this lushly wooded area.

Great little trail.

This is a great starter trail! Clean and challenging but not hard. Would recommend for families with older kids. Our nine year old loved it, but it was a little too much for our six year old.

10 months ago

We really enjoyed this trail! It was a last minute stop, so we will have go again!! We saw several deer playing not too far from us!! The hills and natural terrain make it a little bit of a challenge and fun!

Good little trail. It has some good hills.

1 year ago

I love this trail! Rougher terrain (for KC area) makes it a bit of a challenge (definitely a hike vs. a walk), yet a short enough hike to make it very easy to fit in during the usual weekend activities. One of my favorites on cooler days, keeping bugs and snakes at bay. Last time I went I saw deer and turkeys. Be mindful of footing when leaves have fallen...they blanket the trail -- easy to lose sight of the trail if you are not familiar with it, as well as hidden rocks and tree roots.