This is a great little paved trail. It is well maintained and a pleasant trail. Not overly difficult but does have some challenging points. Be prepared to lap them a few times if your a regular hiker used to more wild paths.

great place to walk in the woods with the kids, nice that there are different lengths of loop trails

2 months ago

Unique destination to soak up art in the open. Occasional festivals and events. Great hike with your family. Bring a snack!

if you get here early enough.... you can have one heck of a workout running up 70° hills. Be sure to have shoes with good tread if you are planning to run the 3 mini trails... inclines and declines are BEAST!!!

The trails at powder valley are great for seeing wildlife and great to do with kids.

Great trail for fall.

Love the peaceful, nature walk.

great trail for kids!

Love the tails, they make a loop. Like the center for kids to explore. Love the nature so close to home.