the first two miles were not that great. but might have been because we went October 1st so not much water. the last mile was really cool with fun creeks and rocks. Definitely good idea to wear pants. trail is not marked so great but still did fine. we were the only ones on the trail

I really enjoyed this trail. I went on September 18, a few days after a lot of rain. So that meant that the trails were kind of muddy (but tolerable) but it also meant that there were a lot of great little streams and mini-waterfalls that we crossed. It was absolutely gorgeous.

The area is remote. You're kind of in the middle of nowhere. Which is great! The trail isn't the best-maintained, and there are a lot of steep sections where you have to climb your way up or down by finding little footholds. Make sure your shoes have traction, because mine didn't, and it was tricky!

3 months ago

This place is absolutely beautiful, but you have to get off-trail to see the good stuff. Explore all the creeks and waterfalls for a good time. You can literally spend all day here.

Awesome trail if your looking for something rugged and without a lot of people. Some slick rocks but just watch your step! Me and my boyfriend brought our dogs and they seemed to love it too.

It was a hike. Not a lot of anything special, just a hike. Went clockwise and ended with some actual climbing over things and stuff, that was fun.

6 months ago

A great hiking trail..a little overgrown and there are some trees that need to be removed but we had a good workout.

6 months ago

A little overgrown and in need of some tree removal but a great hike...

6 months ago

As my daughter and I's first moderate trail we were exhausted when we got back to the car. There were a couple big downed trees we had to climb over. The trail was pretty dog friendly for us though. Our Pug had no problems enjoying himself. We made it in about two hours from start to finish. The scenery was beautiful. P.S. Myke sure you wear shoes that can get wet.

Not an easy trail but beautiful! The dog loves going with me.

7 months ago

Would not call this an easy trail. Great scenery.

Awesome with the kids! Quiet... We were the only ones out there!

Nice trail. Not a lot of people. Kind of hidden in the hills of Pacific. I wouldn't say it's an easy hike, more moderate range. No amenities like a bathroom. Some nice views of water.

10 months ago

Great trail

I got out for an afternoon hike on this trail today (2015-11-21). It was a cold and windy day with the temps hovering around 30 degrees all afternoon, with just a little bit of snow and sleet falling. The trail was in fine shape, but was slick as snot with all the rain we have had recently (although...the waterfalls were really flowing...which was cool). This is one of my favorite hikes near St. Louis.

Fantastic trail. Lots of seasonal water and a small falls if you're willing to step off the trail a bit.

1 year ago

Just learned of this and tried it. The variety of settings and flora is remarkable. The sandstone formations unusual and beautiful. Highlights of my 2-3 hrs birding the looped trail: a ruby-crowned kinglet, 5 pileated woodpeckers, cooper's hawk, 1 red-breasted nuthatch among the many usual white-breasted ones, tons of yellow-bellied sapsuckers. Saw some moss and lichen varieties that were different than I've ever seen any parks near St Louis before. Only ran into 1 single person the whole time.