mountain biking
2 months ago

An amazing place to relax and truly experience the beautiful outdoors. There are main trails and more secluded ones as well.

cross country skiing
1 year ago

Beautiful scenery. Plenty of lakes and mostly wooded area/pasture

We like Reed mainly for convenience but its also just a great place! If you go back by Bluestem lake there is a hiking trail closed to horseback. It's a little more secluded than the multi use trails. You'll also cross a few bridges, see a huge old tree, and get to the top of a nice bluff. Most of it is very well maintained and easy to walk, no real hills or anything difficult. Our only complaint about the hiking trail is that it is too easy and not long enough. But if want to get mileage in use the multi use trails as they total almost 15 miles.

Great for running the dogs! We tend to avoid it during fishing season, when it can get a bit crowded; not to mention that the dogs tend to disrupt. But during the winter, it's a great hike around each and every lake.

This is a nice place close to the city to get out of the house. There was not anything special about it. Typical Missouri terrain. We went here mostly out of curiosity more than anything. It was pretty muddy but due to recent snowfall melting. We hiked the multi-use trail as well as the hiking only trail. Even with it late winter/early spring, there were quite a few folks fishing and being that the last part of the trail we were on really was not feasible to walk on, we did walk down the road quite a ways and there was quite a bit of road traffic. It was an interesting hike and got me out of the house but I wouldn't go here often, only when I just don't feel like making a long drive anywhere. There isn't much in the way of elevation changes. Most of the time you are walking in a field/pasture area around the back side of the numerous lakes. Lots of geese and ducks though. Worth it if you don't wont to make the drive and with all of the loops to the multi-use trail, you could make it short or long depending on what you want.