Nestled in the hills above the Loutre River in Montgomery County, Graham Cave State Park features an unusual sandstone cave that contained evidence that rewrote history books. Once used for shelter, Graham Cave became historically significant when archaeologists discovered how long ago human occupancy had occurred. University of Missouri archaeologists uncovered artifacts revealing human use of the cave dating back to as early as 10,000 years ago. Clues to the lifestyle of the ancient Dalton and Archaic period Native Americans were uncovered. Today, visitors are allowed in the entrance of the cave, where interpretive signs point out interesting discoveries. Surrounding Graham Cave is 369 acres of naturally diverse land designated as Graham Cave State Park. Several trails wind throughout the park's forests and glades. A boat ramp on the Loutre River provides access for boating and fishing. An open picnic shelter, playground areas and picnic sites make the park an ideal place for a day of family fun. For those in need of a longer retreat, a wooded camping area offers basic and electric campsites, modern restrooms and hot showers. Come explore the history that unfolded at Graham Cave and enjoy nature at Graham Cave State Park.

4 months ago

Not much to see waterfall just a trickle even after all the rain.

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1 year ago

A really unique geological site to behold. Very quick and easy trip. Here's the info from the park-

"Graham Cave is unusual because it formed at a soft sandstone/hard dolomite contact. Because the St. Peter Sandstone has spaces to hold water, it acted first as a sponge. Water softened the cement holding the sandstone together and the rock was gently washed away over time, leaving an arched ceiling. The Jefferson City Dolomite floor dissolved also, though not as much as the sandstone. In most such contact caves, the dolomite is removed first, leaving a flat sandstone ceiling subject to breakdown. Graham is an excellent example of a rather unusual method of cave formation."

Nice geological feature. Other nice short hikes at the park and nice campground facilities. It is a good camping area when traveling along I-70.

Short woodland hike from Graham Cave back to campground. Several wooden bridges and stairs to bypass easily eroded areas.

3 years ago

The trail was well marked but in some places it was very muddy due to the recent rainstorm. It wasn't crowded. It takes you up a hill that could be steep for some, but the trail along the river was flat and easy to walk.

4 years ago

Flat trail along the river with some nice views.

4 years ago

Nice trail located in a very nice state park, just off of Interstate 70.

4 years ago

Worth a look at the cave and surrounding rock landscape, but the real beauty of this park is it's solitude. Except for the nearby interstate noise, you wouldn't know there was anyone else in the world, except for weekends!

The woodland trail is a pleasant short hike leading from the campground to the cave. Nice little hike.

The trail is very ordinary but does you give you a chance to stretch your legs.

5 years ago

We enjoyed this one, despite the scarey thunderstorm that passed through over nite! Full review later!