It was a nice trail alot of need historical stuff.

7 months ago

Flat trail. Some creek and river views.

10 months ago

This is a wide trail like a dirt road mostly, but still great. There are so many old stone structures to check out & the grand staircase is huge. Definitely worth checking out.

11 months ago

Great atmosphere. Love that the water follows the trail. So much history there, don't forget to read some of the stands.

There is a 3 mile trail with relatively low inclines. You check in with the guard at entrance due to the fact there is a boys home is there as well. 

The trail head parking is immediately to the left and starts with an open meadow with beautiful wild flowers. Then the trail goes in the woods following a creek until it meets the river. There seems to be a dump on the other side of the creek due to smells unfortunately. However, I have gone on several hikes and it isnt overwhemling. Interesting points of random stonework, walls, firepits ect sprinkle along the trail (which are in the above pics)until you meet the largest structure, the stairs which is 6 floors high per my fitbit. 

You can cut the hike short by climbing the staircase and walk through the boys home parking lots or keep following near the river. However at that point there are no more structures except a small rock wall.

Very lovely place.