A massive stone gateway greets visitors to Dr. Edmund A. Babler Memorial State Park, framing the broad avenue that leads up the hill to the large bronze statue of Dr. Edmund A. Babler, the park's namesake. Jacob L. Babler's love of nature and his desire to commemorate his brother, a prominent St. Louis surgeon, came together to create this unique gift to the people of Missouri. Here, memories are created -- afternoons of softball or volleyball or cooking on an open grill. Thirteen miles of hiking trails ensure a variety of rewarding outdoor experiences. A visitor center with exhibits illustrates the wonders of the park's natural communities; classrooms and an auditorium are available for special programs. The park also provides experiences for those with special needs at the Jacob L. Babler Outdoor Education Center, a barrier-free resident camp with swimming pool (exclusive to outdoor education center users), cabins and recreation and dining halls. You can have it both ways at Babler State Park -- spend a peaceful night camping under the stars, and still be only minutes from downtown St. Louis.

Only a couple miles long but a very nice trail

Lots of hills and great exercise on this trail. Birds, owls and foxes are jewels to look for. Great during spring and fall when you can admire the thick canopies and colors.

2 months ago

One of the prettiest and shortest trails in Babler. Includes Hickory, Oak, Paw Paw, glade and an overlook.

Maybe because it was muddy it wasn't as enjoyable but the company was good. The day was overcast. And I guess I like longer trails.

I go here twice a week, and love it! Doing both blue and green trails together is a good workout.

4 months ago

This was a very simple walk, took the dogs on a leash, saw some paw paw trees and persimmon trees fruiting, the paths were easy to follow, I would go again for a leisurely walk

This trail was very pretty and well-maintained. I did only one trail the day I went but I want to go back and explore the others. I went at dusk and going through the valleys and hills during that time of day was so beautiful!

10 months ago

Easy trail.

Walked four miles there yesterday. It being a weekday I met only one person. Pretty trails. It was lovely.

The trails are blazed it's and easy to stay oriented IF you have a useable map. There were no maps available yesterday. 10 days ago there were a few photocopied maps that might have been useable if they were in color. All the trails were noted by a solid line, none were dotted or dashed. Using it on the trail was not possible.

There are 4 or 5 trails, not the two noted on this page. None of them are 17.5 miles long. Maybe if you combined all of them it might equal that. The lollipop trail noted by the dashed lines is about 1.5 miles long.

Bring your smart phone or camera and take a picture of the map on the bulletin board. (Which I failed to do.) That might suffice. Otherwise just complete each trail individually so you stay with a single color blaze.

I don't have a gps unit so I don't know if that would work.

Only gave it 3 stars because the lack of maps and rangers peed me off. Apologies, if you are offended. ;-) It is a nice park.

Nice trail done the Virginia May trail. Is a great trail for kids no steep inclines.

Beautiful. I wish it was a little easier to determine the beginning location of each trail within the park. Also, I had numerous tick bites, so beware.

1 year ago

Easy trails! Good for a trail run if you're up for it :)

Easy trails nice scenary...good healthy fun.

Combined the Virginia Day, Woodbine and Dogwood all together and looped Virginia Day one more time for a total of just under 7 miles. It was a nice walk with the leaves changing, also stopped by the spring and cave. The Dogwood trail had the best inclines. Overall, It was a nice change of pace.

Not a bad trail but it was a bit over grown. Ticks, ticks, ticks...plenty of ticks.

The 17 miles that this park describes including equestrian trails....this was my first time out and I was able to piece together two separate trails and join them with the equestrian trail to make a nice 4 mile + loop. At mile 2 there is a pavilion if you want to stop for a rest or lunch.

I'm wondering where the cave is if anyone knows email me youngman.chris1975@gmail.com