Biking trail circles an old farm field and can flood from time to time. Actually are two "hiking" trails that take you through the woods, with nice views of Mississippi on the trail closest to train tracks.

2 different trails, a paved trail for biking and hiking which is boring on foot and then a hiking trail into the woods that is a lot of fun.

The site needs to fix this location. There are 3 trails at Cliff Cave Park. The paved trail is the Mississippi Trail and that I have to admit is pretty boring. The Spring Valley Trail is the earthen treadway that goes by the cave and up on top of the cave within the woods. It's a really cool trail that I would say could be considered moderate until you get on top of the area above the cave. My biggest complaint with this trail is there are a lot of forks in this path and it can be kind of confusing on the path you are taking. For some reason this site has the Spring Valley Trail and Mississippi Trail as the same and I think that's why some people are upset because they're most likely only finding the paved portion which is a let down. In addition, the site doesn't even have the River Bluff Trail on here which is another good small trail with a great overlook of the river. We need to get these fixed because people are relying on this site and not getting the correct information. Right now if you go to Cliff Cave Park I recommend you go to the actual website which gives you a better idea of the 3 different trails. If you want to avoid the paved trail you need to park in the parking area that you first come to on your right before crossing the rail road tracks. The parking lot by the pavilion next to the river is not a good place to start if you want Spring Valley or River Bluff Trail. Both of those trails are accessible from Cliff Cave Road as you go down the hill before the train tracks. I hope this helps future visitors.

No shade along the trail and no river view after you leave the parking lot make for a hot, dusty, uneventful hike.

sucks and I can't give it 0 stars or I would

trail running
3 months ago

Has beautiful sites. Spring is the best if lower trail isn't flooded. Get to see a lot of baby animals. And agree with other people moderate is a high rating.

The cave is really cool(literally and figuratively) and the trail was nice. However, I wouldn't rate it's difficulty at moderate. There was very little challenge involved, so I'd rate it as easy.

the woods loop at the top of the hill offers nice wildlife.

4 months ago

I enjoyed the trails up through the woods.

4 months ago

Extremely crowded and lots of trash and graffiti. Nice view of the river.

love it

i would definitely go back again. a beautiful and easy trail!

6 months ago

The park is beautiful but the majority of it should be considered "road" instead of "trails". Not bad if you're biking or running but a bit disappointing when you're expecting to spend a day in the woods.

Great trails nice views. The only disappointment was not being able to find the caves.