2 months ago

We, my 10 yo daughter and I completed the section from CJ to 171 today. Not a bad trail for walking. It is flat, shared the trail with a couple of runners. We are looking forward to challenging ourselves with a longer hike so next time we will see how far we can go. Setting a goal of 15 miles

5 months ago

It's ok pretty boring

trail running
6 months ago

I went to this trail twice this past week. Once by myself, and once with a friend. The trail was fairly level but was all gravel in the couple of miles I went from the trail-head. There were a few sketchy areas, but for the most part I came across farms and a lot of pastoral views.
One thing to note - watch out for snakes.

I have done the whole trail a couple of times. The trailhead is a mile from my house, so the round trip is about 34 miles.

This trail is well groomed and easy to walk, at least near Carthage. There isn't too much interesting in terms of scenery, but it is long, quiet, and relatively little-used, so you can really stretch out and test your legs without getting run over by a car.

If you're a cyclist, the section from Carthage to the West side of Oronogo is probably the only part you'll really want to do. Carl Junction has a nice section, but it's pretty short. From West Oronogo to Carl had loose gravel, slightly sketchy railroad bridges, and waist-deep weeds, so pedalling probably wouldn't be too pleasant.

This isn't much of a hiking trail, but it's good for jogging or if you just want to get outside for a while. It is a lot of loose gravel, so biking can be a little rough in spots.

3 years ago

It is an easy trail. It is good for jogging and biking.

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3 years ago

Great trail from Carthage to Oronogo, from Oronogo to Kansas it is loose rock so it is hard to bike.

mountain biking
4 years ago

Very nice trail.....still needs work tho