1 month ago

Nice area to walk around the lake and a few short trails through the woods leading to a good view of the Mississippi River

on Bee Tree Park

4 months ago

It's not really a hike, its a stroll around the lake. Pretty, but not what I'd hoped for.

trail running
6 months ago

Nice place to trail run.

9 months ago

I've hiked down to the river many times to "recharge" my batteries. I've moved away from the area but I still go back at least twice a year. I do miss being able to go there whenever I want.

1 year ago

Great for beginners.

Great place to walk with kids and the new playground was a hit. Be careful of the "overlook" to the left of the mansion bc once you get down the steps, the old railing has fallen down in disrepair. We will definitely go back.

3 years ago