Fun little trail with great views

Love it. Trail is beautiful and the swimming hole is perfect. So relaxing.

beautiful place!

Amazing river! Mild Rapids roll over beautiful pink boulders. The trail is well kept to the swimming areas. Past that the loop is a little less traveled but still beautiful! Bring swim shoes (very slick rocks!)

Loved it! Beautiful trail, gorgeous water. Dog friendly.

It was a decent trail, runs along the Castor River Shut-ins. The trail is kind of hard to follow after you pass the first big pool though and is grown over a bit. I last went during the early summer though so I might try it this winter to see if the trail is better. There were also some primitive camp sites. Make sure you check in with the conservation dept before you camp there though. Good swimming hole there too!

This trail is named the cedar glade trail. It is more decriptive to refer it to the shut-ins. Great summr destination. Natural water play ground.

Nice Short trail to special scenic spot. Great area to wade in the summer. Worth the trip.

We arrived early in the morning and almost had the place to ourselves. It was incredible. The water was amazing. Hiked the trail before the crowds came in.

Castor River Shut ins flow through the area, enjoyed a great swim in the shut ins