The Lure of the Islands in the Gulf of Mexico What is it that entices people to the sea? Poet John Masefield wrote,

It is a beautiful place to see, a wonderful first time hike with the kids.

Really easy and accessible.

The area is beautiful, although be warned, much of the hiking "trail" runs along the side of the road through the park. But there is a short loop that winds through some beautiful shady areas along the bank of the bayou. If you want to see an alligator, it's a great place to check out. Off of the fishing pier and over the marsh, you can also see a beautiful sunset.

Beautiful trees and scenery is pretty but after boardwalk ends the trail overgrown and hard to see in spots.

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Kind of tucked away, nice visitors center, easy trails

Not great for hiking. But amazing camp sites, facilities. Gonna bring the boat back.

nice easy hike. breezy and beautiful!!

Fun local trail.

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This was a nice shady trail. The trees and views of the water were great. Watch out for ticks though. We stayed on the trail and our dog still had to have several picked off of him.

Great location and fun for the kids to run around. Love the picnic areas and the water views.

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It's a beach and if you're camping you are walking along the beach, the dunes, the water, the dune grass and people - for about a mile depending on how far you want to go. The Park Service requires you to hike at least a mile (I think) before they will allow camping on the beach.

Beautifully kept. Friendly staff & great info center.

Nice easy trail that follows the beach in the Naval Live Oaks Nature Preserve. A good idea is to start at the Gulf Islands National Seashore visitor's center and follow the boardwalk along the beach and back thru the woods. The trail can be an in and out or 8 mile loop by crossing the highway. The trail features some impressive Live Oaks and lots of hanging moss. The only distraction is the loud traffic with its proximity to US Highway 98 otherwise this is a real nice day hike with lots of great views and photo opportunities.

My wife and I have been here several times from 2006 through 2014. Take your sunblock! Although I wouldn't recommend going out of your way to make this trip, I do recommend it if you're in the area. Take your sunblock! Insect repellent isn't always necessary but occasionally it is appreciated. There is no shade unless you rent umbrellas from the boat company. The fort is moderately interesting. Watch for dolphins on the boat ride out to the island and occasionally swimming along the beach. The condition of the beach is variable; sometimes it's pristine with fresh white sand, other times it's black and/or covered in washed-up dried-out seaweed. Did I mention to take your sunblock?! On weekends the main beach area can be over-run with people but it isn't hard to walk up the beach far enough to get away from the crowd. You can bring a cooler on the boat ride to the island, highly recommend roller coolers as the walk across the island to the gulf-side beach is long if you're carrying a cooler.

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Nice little trail,great view . Just do not forget the bug spray lol

Really fun trail! Took my 3 year old with me to wear him out a little and he had a good time. The area was very clean and well laid out. Had no problems with the trail we even had the opportunity to see a few animals.