Several trails here. Came today with my Mastiff. Next time I'll either run it or bike. Well kept trails with lots of turns and terrain changes.

Very well marked, cleared path. Not terribly scenic from where I started at Hwy 49, but I suspect the terrain improved further along. I was only able to go part of the way as my canine companion is elderly, but I found it enjoyable. Despite the recent rains, the path was dry, with some swampy areas on either side.

Nice little 2 day trip. Launched the canoes at Moody's Landing and finished at Cypress Creek Landing about 16 miles down. Camped about a mile north of Janice Landing on a great sandbar after seeing a deer cross the creek and climb the ledge up the opposite side. Water level was at roughly 5.5 feet, which kept us from having to do any walking or lifting the canoes over logs.

Great trial for me well marked and easy to follow there is a lot of nice views and streams u cross

1 month ago

Well marked, nice peaceful easy walk. be prepared to get your shoes wet. There was many low wet spots.

Hiked from Old Hwy 49 to Anderson Loop-Government rd. 319. It is a beautiful pine forest hike with few water shed ravines. I found it to be an easy hike. It had been cleared recently.

3 months ago

Nice smooth well maintained for the first 3, decent the rest of the way. Trail continues on past to some beautiful lowlands.

I will be hiking this trail come December , if anyone has any advice or great spots I should check out I would love to hear from you. also does this trail loop or is it a "A to B" trail. I have many questions about this trail, and if someone would help me with some questions I would be most appreciated. or if you know of a better more nicer trail I would love to hear from you. thank you in advance

4 months ago

We hiked from Hwy 49 to the POW camp. In the first 5 miles, there were 2 bridges out. We had to go through the muddy edges of low spots to cross where the bridge used to be. No way you could have crossed if we had rain. The rest of the trail was maintained until we got to mile marker 11. From mile marker 11-POW(mile 13), there were so many unexpected obstacles. It looks like there was a storm that may have knocked down a lot of trees over the path. We had to climb over and under trees! Also, bridges were out in many areas. One area even had a rope to pull yourself out of a 5' drop where a bridge used to be. The last 3 miles were ROUGH, very unkept, looked like a game trail. This path is usually well kept, disappointed at the end, beautiful from mile 1-10!!

5 months ago

This relatively easy kayak and canoe trail winds its way through DeSoto National Forest. Don't expect rapids or too many other impediments, the paddling is very easy. White sand beaches throughout the river make it an ideal spot to camp along the way.

This trail was a nice surprise in Southern Mississippi. It was never too difficult, but I recommend long pants and maybe boots as the grass is rather talk and the snakes plentiful! Also, it was a tough task finding the start of this trail. Overall, definitely worth it!

bridge is out just past mile post 4 had to turn around.

8 months ago

nice wide trail, easy to follow. Hiked to Airey Lake and back in 3.25 hours with round trip around 11 miles.

8 months ago