This park on four main lakes, a site for canoeing, kayaking, and fishing, has a history of Ojibwe Native Americans, French fur traders called voyageurs, and a gold rush. Formed by glaciers, there are tall bluffs, rock gardens, islands and bays, and historic buildings.

2 months ago

The Blind Ash Trail is not listed on this site. The trail head starts near the Ash River Visitors Center and it's an approximate 3 mile combo out and back-loop trail. Easy to moderate and very pretty quiet. Any hiking enthusiast looking for a short term fix will enjoy this trail. It certainly deserves it's own identification on this site.

on Kab-Ash Trail

6 years ago

There are many great trails to choose from, most of which involve some canoeing and/or portaging. Most of the trails are fairly well maintained and isolated. You also have a decent chance of seeing some wildlife, especially birds.