This park has something for everyone. The trails take visitors around wet lowlands, oak savanna, and grasslands. Albert Lea Lake and park marshes draw hundreds of waterfowl during migration. Oak savanna and prairie landscape, including wetlands, dominate most of the park. One of the more unique aspects of the park is the 116-acre Big Island, covered with maple/basswood forest. Another is the glacial esker located in the northeast section of the park.

6 months ago

Some beautiful parts to this little loop here and a little amphitheater too. I will definitely be going back to the point of the peninsula on the south side for some good sitting and thinking time on the shore of Albert Lea lake.

1 year ago

I hiked the Hiking Club trail...6.2mi I believe. Great hiking trail through forested areas, near campground and Albert Lee Lake, grasslands and a few smaller hills. My July hike was pretty warm...probably in the 90s and sunny so bring sunscreen and water as once on the trail, there is little opportunity to stop and get a drink.
Quiet hike in a nice park.

This trail makes up the south west quadrant of the greater Big Island State Park area. I found it to be in prime fall condition as I hiked it with my wife, sister, and two dogs!

3 years ago

Snowshoed this trail today with my wife and had a great time! The trail is well-marked and in good condition. The terrain is very mild; almost completely flat, with very limited elevation change, which makes it great for all ages. We also were lucky to see a small herd of deer crossing the frozen lake!

Several great trail options for biking, hiking, and walking.