Awesome trails for hill workout - hike or ski! Unique terrain for Mn region. Low maintenance trails and signage.

Great inclines and very quiet. The trail markers could be updated.

Super fun! I can't wait to go again

very nice trail

dog park was full of un picked up poop and it's small for the $5 dollars for admit I expected alot more there are free parks that are cleaner

The hike was fun take trekking poles with you there are hills rocks and roots there is no longer horses allowed.

I have hiked here several times in both summer and winter. The trails, especially in the northeast portion (my favorite part) of the park, can be quite strenuous with lots of going up and down big hills. The many interwoven loops offer infinite possibilities for track/distance, but beware of unexpected trail closures which force you to reroute (leave extra time). Put a pack on and this is good preparation ground for any serious hiking adventure

Okay, for riders (bikes or horses) I'm sure this is a fabulous trail. For plain old hikers that want to get their distance on, this trail is a stinker. Most of the trails are shared with riders and I hated having to look down constantly to avoid stepping in huge piles of poo. Plus trails are not very wide in some areas and when it comes down to person versus horse it always ends up with person clinging to a tree so that horse(s) can pass. The only part I enjoyed was the pedestrian only hill trail. It was definitely a challenge, I just wish it was longer.

4 years ago

Great trail riding when the trail is dry. Lots of loops and switchbacks to keep the quads burning. Enjoy!

mountain biking
5 years ago

Great mountain biking. This single track trail has been completely redesigned since the description shown here. It's now 10mi in total in completely new area. The old 5.8mi was the cross country ski trail.