Been using Baker since I was a little girl!

on Baker Park Preserve

3 years ago

one of the best park ( independence park) and best trail surrounding plymouth, minnetonka, maple plain area. Best place to experience wilderness in an urban area.

I am unsure why this trail was given moderate difficulty - its definitely an easier hiking trail. In a sense it is a hidden gem but my no means will you experience solitary - there are many people and families that visit the trail. So if you want to "get away" this isn't your trail.

The trail does go through woodlands and prairie and follows a lake for a while. The trail also allows horses but not dogs (although it seems nobody follows this).

Overall your average run of the mill trail but worth a visit every now and again.

Very cute, quiet little trail! You get views of the woods, a lake, and prairies. It is good for a quick day hike! :)