2 months ago

beautiful day for hiking great view

3 months ago

Great country trail. Initial hill is daunting, especially at the end. a lot of trees over the path, lots of sand, and flooded under the 35w bridge and east

mountain biking
7 months ago

Fun practice/casual trail for MTBing. Mostly flat and not many people so it's perfect for beginners or people who just want to take a simple ride in the woods, though there are quite a few small turns, jumps and obstacles (which you can avoid if you want). The trail runs both ways and there are several areas with tall brush and grass so keep your eyes peeled for anyone coming from the opposite direction. It's hard to get lost on this trail as most paths branch off but eventually reconnect to the main trail just watch out for the ones that lead directly over the riverbank! This combined with the ever changing riverbank make it great for variety. There is an unmarked and seldom talked about exit path about halfway through ( right by the train tracks, if going W to E take the first left after you pass under the tracks, it will bring you to Normandale ) be prepared for mud and sand most of the trail. The raft is pretty neat too!

7 months ago

A surprisingly fun trail as l am used to mountain trails with lots of steep climbs and descents in California. Lots of curves and tight spots between two trees keep you awake. l was there shortly after a rain so the trail was in pretty good shape but the brainless cycle cross riders are doing their best to destroy the trail with their skinny tires in many spots.

mountain biking
3 years ago

Decently fun singletrack. Pretty flowy but has a lot of little baby trails that lead to no where so can be a bit confusing

mountain biking
4 years ago

Beautiful trails, ran into probably 8-10 other bikers. The bad part is that there is a lot of thick sand that is almost impossible to get through. Nice long trail to ride. The raft is not out yet, btw.