Local Playground, Continental River In the middle of a bustling urban setting, this 72 mile river park offers quiet stretches for fishing, boating and canoeing. Other spots are excellent for birdwatching, bicycling and hiking. And there are plenty of visitor centers that highlight the history and science of the Mississippi River. If you are interested in the Mississippi, this is a great place to start. Operating hours may vary according to season and special event schedules. Please call 651-293-0200 for more information.

mountain biking
1 month ago

This trail is good for biking and hiking. Old railroad trail that is paved till Plymouth and limestone another 20 miles to Winstead.

mountain biking
2 months ago

Trail is nice but closed for construction about a mile in.

This is a great hike and reminds me of a short snippet of a trail you may find on the west coast. It can be nearly vertical at times but it's short lived and it rewarded by great views of the valley or the peaceful beauty of the forest.

rails trails
5 months ago

Great out state biking. Quiet country scenery. Too crowded in the city. My wife and I have traveled it countless times.

Live nearby and hike it several times a year. Great view of the Minnesota River Valley. A number of hills makes for a good workout. Heavily wooded areas help to cool you down in hot weather.

Nice hike through some hills with some scenic views. If you live nearby it's perfect for a quick outdoor workout.

trail running
1 year ago

Beautiful, quiet, and quick if you need something that will get your heart pumping for a shorter workout. I ran it, watch out though... I got sniped by a hornet that got me 3 times! If you have allergies bring your epipen or benadryl!

One of the few placs to get some elevation change along with a nice hike in TC region. Very convenient access and beautiful views. I think that in good snow conditions, some of these trails could be skiied. Any body tried this?

This was actually a really fun trail. Not
Very a lot of people use it but the dirt trails are clear of brush and the trail includes many little bridges and stairs up to an Amazing view over Minnesota. Couldn't be more pleased with this trail.

This is a great location with a fair amount of elevation and a great view overlooking the Minnesota River valley. It takes about 45 minutes to make a circuit around. I like to hike the trail in one direction, then reverse direction and go the opposite way for a nice 1 1/2 outing. There are a few extra trail segments cutting across the main loop if you want to add a bit more time.