on Skills Park

28 days ago


4 months ago

very well maintained hiking trails, and great canoe routes with portages for bwca training

5 months ago

My wife and I spotted a Scarlet Tangier this past weekend. Rare for this area. Beautiful with lots of wildlife. Don't go there as often as we used to. Nothing against horse's (were animal lovers) but they seem to be taking the park over. Just like Crow Hassen.

6 months ago

We saw ducks cranes beaver snake and birds. was a lot of fun

Lots of bird watching

trail running
8 months ago

90% hard pack around Voyager (Northern and Southern). Jensen lake trail was about 30% mud. Overall thought: get out and take the slop in stride.

Great place to Lose Yourself or find.....

8 months ago

Love it

8 months ago


1 year ago

Great trail system. BUT I wouldn't describe what I did was a hard trail. I did get to a moderate level of hiking. This might be my view coming from Utah and having different expectations.

This was challenging and extremely fun!

Best marked trail system I have ever been on. I enjoyed a 6 mile run, looping around beautiful ponds and lakes. Lots of runners and less hikers. Very well maintained trails, maps at every intersection, and great bathrooms.

trail running
1 year ago

Some of the best trail running in the Twin Cities metro area.


Pretty good place to sweat, fish, hike. Can you find the wonky bridge? In Eagan.

The best place to mountain bike in side the twin cities.

mountain biking
1 year ago

Love using this app to find my favorite biking trails!

Pet owners beware. Very serious brown tick problem, even if your pet is prescription treated prior to visit. I even had to remove some ticks from myself. Beautiful & lovely otherwise but not worth the clean up hassle for us & my dog.