Come for the quiet, the solitude, and the famous Devil's Kettle waterfall. The most popular hike leads from the trailhead upstream along the Brule River to Devil's Kettle, where the river splits around a mass of volcanic rock. Half of the river plunges 50 feet into a pool, while the rest pours into a huge pothole. Anglers can catch brook and rainbow trout in the Brule River or its tributary, Gauthier Creek. The park offers camping, picnicking and hiking.

Wonderful trail. There were A LOT of people there at the time we visited, but the views were stunning and the Devil's Kettle is a must see for anyone. Prepare for some elevation change.

Love this trail, great to hike through the deep, green Minnesota woods with the rushing river sound beside you! It's easy to mistake the Little Kettle for the big one, so definitely go the extra 700 feet. The 180 steps may not be for everyone, including one dog I saw who simply refused to budge halfway up the long staircase. Beautiful campsites here as well, if you're so inclined.

This area of the trail near grand Marais and the devil track river is awesome!

A lovely morning hike.

Devil's Kettle is a sight to see, great hike with link to the SHT! Very nice!

I got lucky on this day! Gorgeous day it was. Water level was low in the rapids so I was able to make my way out and stand in the between the falls and the Devil's Kettle, and then sit there for about 45 mins. without no interuptions. Great trail also.