Extremely well cared for trail. Perfect for walking, running, rollerblading and biking! The distance is perfect to get you ready for a 5k (or something longer, of course).

Beautiful paved trail around the lake, wildflower a, views, restrooms, even a soda vending are on the golf course that runs parallel.

trail running
5 months ago

6 months ago

The map on this trail highlights only the paved path. There are a few dirt/grass options on the southwest side of the lake. Totaled 8.28 miles. Quite a few walkers, runners and cyclists on the paved path. No one else on the hiking only dirt trails.

Great spot for yellow belly cat fish during the summer and beautiful hiking trail! Also fun to take the paddle boats out! Workout! All in all a great place. Just bring bug spray!

4 years ago

Pleasant, well-kept, easy trail. Good for bikes, wheel chairs, etc. Good for a long walk but I wouldn't actually call it a 'hike'. Great park facilities, also.