Warren Dunes has three miles of shoreline, six miles of hiking trails and is open year-round. It also has a dune formation that rises 260 feet above the lake with spectacular views and 1,952 acres of recreational opportunity.

2 months ago

This is a great trail! Fairly easy if you are in shape. Uphill most of the way.

One of my favorite spots to hike with our dog and kindergartener.

This trail is great as it basically circumnavigates the entire 2,000 acre park, using four trails or a stretch along Lake Michigan. By doing the loop, our walk took us through forests, up and over sand dunes and just above the beaches, then back to the car by heading over the sand dunes once again.

7 months ago

First time to the lake shore and the wind was blowing good so the waves had a lot of white caps which made it spectacular. Loved the dunes. Mt. Randal loop trail is done by combining four trails.

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9 months ago

11 months ago

easy access

Great Place to Hike or walk or run it can get a little busy during the summer when all the tourists come to the park but the fall and winter are brautiful walking the dunes in the winter with not another soul for miles is a feeling you cant get anywhere else.

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1 year ago

This park is less than an hour from my house and is a pleasure to hike no matter what season it is. There are so many trail, you can hike a new one everyone you go. We have hiked sand dunes, marshes, and canopied trails here. Anytime you make a hike out to the beach, it is always tough finding the trail head to make it back. We have done the big loop 4 times and everything's we turn inland to early.

Warren Dunes also have some of the best camp grounds I've seen in my area. They are always clean, the staff is friendly, and there is a great separation from the primitive to the electric sites.

1 year ago

What a great place to spend your time and energy! Lots of fun with plenty of activities for everybody.

It was a bit warm and therefore slushy when we ventured out, but we had a lovely time nonetheless. We started along one of the hiking trails in the SE corner of the dunes and took that about a mile and a half, tracing through woods and alongside a stream. As a beginner, I appreciated the lack of hills along this route, instead focusing on getting a good glide going. We'll definitely be back for a quick weekend ski trip!

3 years ago

Love this trail and this park. Avoid the Chicago crowds and gross views of the nuclear power plant and smokestacks at National Dunes and go to Warren Dunes instead. Great easy and challenging trails. Camping good.

4 years ago

A lot of sand/sand dune hiking. Spots can be exhausting, but the view is worth it.