Easy, flat walking trail.

Beautiful park with nice trails. The waterside location makes it especially appealing to the person who appreciates nature and generally there are different species of animals to view.

Very low traffic. Good calming yet energizing walk with nature.

have always loved this trail system

trail running
1 year ago

Ran 10k in the trails, only saw one person, two deer and about 20 squirrels. Very good, I shall return!

the trail was very clearly mapped out and a very easy, quick hike

off road driving
1 year ago

I love this park! So much to do every time of year! :D

Very beautiful nature-filled trails great for biking or hiking. Easy trails for the more casual rider but some sandy areas and one large scary hill. One of my favorite trails though!

Trails were really nice and well kept. Beautiful scenery!

cross country skiing
1 year ago

Went skiing here for the first time this week. The trails were beautiful and well groomed and there were even some hills (those were a lot of fun). I would highly recommend it.

We live very close to this trail and because of this we have never hiked here! Our mistake. The trails are very nicely shaded and quite pleasant to walk on for casual hiking. Mosquitoes were a bit of an issue but a little spray took care of that. We walked the two outside loops on a beautiful Sunday afternoon and still only saw a couple of other people, and based on the overall feel of the place we plan to also come back with grandchildren for sledding and do some cross-county skiing, also.

My husband and I hiked this trail with the four legged babies today. It was mostly shaded, very well marked with numerous maps along the way, and a wide trail. There were several benches for water breaks. We noticed a lot of people mountain biking, but there was plenty of trail for bikers to get around us and the dogs. We are definitely coming back to these trails to explore the loops we didnt get to today.

mountain biking
2 years ago

Not a great trail too do after a rain. it was very soft for mountain biking.

cross country skiing
3 years ago

My wife and I went to go hiking but couldn't because they close the trails down during winter for cross country skiing. The ski rentals are very reasonable in price and also offer rentals on ski skates and snow shoes. It was an awesome experience!

cross country skiing
4 years ago

This is a very nice park in the winter time (I have not visited yet in the warmer months). They have numerous ski trail loops that are groomed and track set. The lodge is great with a roaring wood fireplace, concessions, and ski/snowshoe rentals. I know they have a good amount of lighted trails for night skiing. Entrance to park is free an skiing is free with the exception of rental cost if needed.

Spent half a day here. Lots of diff trails and well marked. Some heavily shaded, some not so shaded. AT&T and Verizon both work somewhat throughout trails. Mostly flat and level with a few small sandy hills.

We took my son on a walk after preschool, then later when my ddaughter got out of class we went back for a hike this was a great FIRST HIKE for them, I hope to teach them all the things about nature we learned from my father and training this way they can enjoyit in their future, we ocasionally walk a trail and have a lunch on it, in a tree, on a log etc. I LOVE NATURE!!! and we have been doing a bit of picking up of trash that we come across throughout our hikes or drives through the bush....THANKS ALLTRAILS< GREAT SITE!!