Muskegon State Park on the shore of Lake Michigan has over two miles of shoreline on Lake Michigan and over a mile on Muskegon Lake. A luge run is available for winter park visitors as part of the Winter Sports Complex.

Awesome hike!!! Amazing views!!!

This is an awesome trail system for getting lost (but in a comfortable way provided it's early enough in the day!!!) ...the sand padded trails are rich with moss and mushrooms. Fall is the best time to explore when there are no crowds and girl and dog can be free!!!

4 months ago

Easy fun trail that intersects with Dune Ridge trails and makes for a silly adventure. Great for my dog too!!! Great moss and small growth, I love hiking at the end of summer-start of fall when there is no one around!!

5 months ago

1 year ago

Second trip- we took the ranger recommended "easy" loop to Lost Lake, then ended up on the "Hearty Hiker" trail back. Knowing the map wasn't accurate helped make this loop go smoothly. Beautiful views atop the ridges.

1 year ago

Trip one netted a view of nesting eagles, and we took the fairly difficult dune trail back from the rv lots. Harder than the "difficult" rated forest hike, IMHO.

Then we got lost because the map we had doesn't show the trails the way they actually are. My tip would be to snap a pic of the state park map at the rangers station- much more accurate than the paper hiking map they hand out.

Obviously we ended up getting "unlost" eventually- we had a lake on one side & a road on the other so we knew roughly where we were.

Tree lines are beautiful. Ask the rangers about the eagles' nest location. Definitely one of the more challenging hikes we've done in 2015!

One star off for inaccurate maps.

3 years ago

We stayed at the Lake Michigan campsite for two nights (Sunday and Monday). The grounds were clean and well maintained. We were in lot 37, mid way between Ruth Ann's Ice Cream (a MUST) and the walkway to the beach. The beach access for the campground was nice, a long set of stairs leading straight to the soft, sandy beach. The beach was VERY clean and quiet, only being used by campers. Spent the first day hiking to hidden lake. There are many trails and off shoots of trails. Be sure to take a trail map (available at the ranger station) as it is very easy to get turned around. The trip to hidden lake was worth it. Thousands of water lillies in bloom at one time was amazing.
This state park works with Duck Lake State Park and rents kayaks for CHEAP! If you are a camper at Muskegon, the rangers can radio to the ranger at Duck Lake. This allow you to rent kayaks for $10 for 1, $15 for 2, $20 for 3, and $25 for 4 kayaks for 4 hours! Kayaking on Duck Lake was the perfect way to spend the evening. Best $15 we spent.
The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is it was VERY crowded. MANY small children and many of them allowed to play in the road unobserved. They could maybe eliminate a few of the camp sites and spread people out a little. AND perhaps, an adult area and a family area.

4 years ago

5 years ago

Beautiful woods, not too sandy so it's not annoyingly hard to hike.