Rolling hills, babbling brooks, open meadows, forested ridges; a lake nestled in the hills and a river winding its way through woods and fields -- that's Ionia Recreation Area. Dammed waterfowl flooding, wildflowers, and more than 199 species of birds have been seen in this park.

4 months ago

Didn't care much for the actual hiking trail, it was basically a mowed path. However once we switched over to the mountain bike trail it was really good! Lots of hills, walking over stones to get through the water, nice bridges.

This is a good trail for beginners, since you can do a section at a time and work you self up to the full loop. I use it to get out of the house for a bit with out driving a long distant.

mountain biking
2 years ago

Blah. Boring. Just another reason to not go to Ionia.

Blah. Boring. Just another to not like Ionia... in my opinion.

mountain biking
4 years ago

Nice trail keeps you on your toes. A little out of the way but the campground is nice to stay at.

4 years ago

Very beautiful trail, I lived right next to it and have been coming here for the public beach for years. Me and my Fiance go for a walk here almost every other night. Amazing sunsets and views. Good for mountain biking too.

P.S. They also have canoe, paddle boat, and kayak rentals for $20 at the campground main office. :)

Very nice open paths if you look for them, lots of side paths, and great for exploring.