wonderful hike today with my mother-in-law! Beautiful scenery.

Absolutely love these trails! Many choices so you don't always have the same trek.

mountain biking
1 year ago

Excellent mountain trail with three different levels of difficulty. The West loop which is a little over 5 miles is moderately difficult. There are a couple of places where most of us would have to walk our bikes up the hill - it is very slippery and obstructed with tree roots. I am not an expert mountain biker, but I managed to handle this trail - I must confess I fell down a couple of times, though nothing serious. I love this trail, it is very quiet and is challenging and long enough to give me a real good work out.

I also tried the North loop yesterday (8/30/2015). This trail is quite easy with perhaps just one challenging spot. It is about 2 miles long.